Wilson NCAA Replica Game Basketball Review (2023 Update)

You are looking for a new basketball to improve your shooting. Your backhand and floater has been looking weak.

All the salesmen at sporting goods stores just want to sell you stuff without hearing your problem.

Don’t lose hope! The Wilson NCAA Replica Basketball could be your new best friend. This ultra-durable ball will last and last – making it look like you pampered and cared for it because you did – but you won’t have to!

Wilson NCAA Replica

The Wilson NCAA Replica Basketball is an ideal ball for an afternoon pick-up game or a recreational, driveway game. The rubber material makes this basketball great for indoor or outdoor use. The wide channels provide good grip and handling

Key Details

The Wilson Evolution Indoor Game Basketball is our favorite ball because of its excellent feel and durability. The soft, premium leather makes it feel like one of the official NBA balls at half the price.

  • Material: Leather
  • Color: Brown/Pink
  • Age Range: Adult
  • Rating: 4.7/5
  • Inflation: 7-9PSI
  • Usage: Indoor/Outdoor play 

Wilson NCAA Replica Dimensions

The Wilson NCAA Replica Basketball is an official-size basketball that was designed to offer improved performance. Its suitable for both men and women.

  • Size: 7
  • Weight: 0.77 kilograms
  • Diameter: 29.5 inches
  • Length x Width x Height:‎9.4 x 8 x 8.9 inches

Here’s a first impression of the Wilson NCAA Replica, check it out!

Eye-Catching Features

Wilson NCAA Replica promises you the same features as the NBA ball, including a deep pebble surface, cushioned cover and durable material construction to ensure high-quality performance. If you appreciate high-quality basketballs, this might be the right ball for you!

1. Wide Channel Design

The Wilson NCAA Replica Basketball offers a perfect grip on the court with its wide channel design. It helps you get better hand alignment as you control the ball while dribbling or shooting. You can also acquire a firm grasp during passes, resulting in accurate throws to your teammates on the court.

2. Deep Pebble Surface

This official-size basketball offers an excellent bounce and durability. Its deep pebble surface reduces slipping when passing and shooting while enhancing moisture management so you can firmly grip it at all times. In addition, the laid-in channels allow easy dribbling and smooth movement across the court.

3. Cushion Core Carcass

Wilson’s NCAA Replica Basketball features a soft grip cushion core that maintains its shape and gives you a great feel on all your layups.

wilson replica

The moisture-absorbing composite cover makes sure you’re never slipping, sliding, or fumbling as you take to the court.

4. Superior Durability

Superior durability means you’ll never be told you can’t use Wilson NCAA Replica on your favorite court surface – from blacktop to concrete to wood, it performs like a dream on all surfaces.

5. Bounce

I’m also pleasantly surprised with how well the Wilson NCAA replica bounces and flies through the air. It doesn’t feel like I have to jump too much to get a good rebound or throw it in, since I certainly can’t launch a three-pointer as far as Steph Curry, but I have to say that I might have some decent range with this ball!

Why Wilson NCAA Replica is Better than Previous Versions

The replica ball is even more sought-after than ever before because Wilson has made several changes to the ball that make it look different than previous versions.

First, they have replaced the old pebble surface with a microfiber composite material that offers more grip and better feel.

wilson ncaa replica review

That change alone is worth noting because it means you will be able to hold onto the ball better and not have your fingers slipping off as easily as they did with past versions of this ball.

Another big change this year is the addition of Cushion Core Technology which offers “the softest feel ever” according to Wilson. This technology was originally developed for basketballs but now it’s being used on footballs too because it “absorbs impact energy.”

Alternatives Of Wilson NCAA Replica

Replacing a lost or damaged basketball can be expensive, especially if you are replacing one that cannot be found in stores. Fortunately, there are alternatives to Wilson NCAA replica basketball that are just as durable and will not break your bank account. 

1. Wilson NCAA Replica Vs Spalding Zi/O

Spalding Zi/O $60 on Amazon

Spalding Zi/O is a ball whose cover is inspired by that of the very popular and widely used ZK microfiber composite basketball. It also has an exclusive soft-touch technology which makes it comfortable to use, it could be a bit costly as compared to Wilson.

Wilson Replica Vs Spalding ZiO

2. Wilson NCAA Replica Vs Rawlings Shooters Seam

Rawlings Shooters Seam $13 on Amazon

Rawlings Shooting Seam is the perfect ball to practice your jump shot. The rubber compound and low tack cover makes it easier for shooters to develop proper release point and shooting form without getting their hands stuck to the ball, and it’s so cheap!

Wilson Replica Game Vs Rawlings Shooters Seam

3. Wilson NCAA Replica Vs Molten BG3800 Series

Molten BG3800 Series $32.75 on Amazon

Molten BG3800 is constructed with a durable composite leather cover that offers enhanced grip and control in all conditions. The ball includes a nylon winding for shape retention and butyl bladder for air retention.”

Wilson NCAA Replica Vs Molten BG3800

Advice From Buyer’s Perspective

Here are some pros and cons of Wilson NCAA replica ball:

  • Durable composite leather exterior
  • Great feel when dribbling or shooting
  • Nothing to lose due to low price point
  • High quality construction
  • Great bounce
  • Grip May Be Too Soft For Some Players
  • NOT identical to an official NCAA

Final Verdict

If you’re looking for an affordable basketball that you can use regularly, then this is a great option. It’s durable enough to stand up to regular use, which makes it ideal for practicing your dribbling and shooting skills.

I recommend this ball for anyone who plays basketball recreationally or someone who just needs a solid ball for casual play; however, if you are looking for a high-end ball that will last for years to come, this may not be the best option.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What basketball is used in the NCAA?

The Wilson Evolution is the official basketball of the NCAA. This ball is used for all NCAA games and has a perfect grip for players and shooters.

  1. Are Wilson NCAA basketballs good?

The Wilson NCAA basketball has many good qualities, including its ability to hold air, bounce, and grip. It is also very durable and easy to dribble. The ball is excellent for both indoor and outdoor games, though it can be affected by humidity.

  1. Is Wilson better than Spalding?

The Wilson Evolution Game Basketball is typically selected more often because it has a better grip than the Spalding TF-1000 Legacy.In fact, this basketball has been called “The Rock” because it has such good control when it’s being held or dribbled. It’s also constructed with moisture absorbing material so you won’t have to worry about your hands getting sweaty when you’re playing with this ball for a long period of time.

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