Wilson Jet Pro Basketball 2022 Review – Self Tested

It’s official — the Wilson Jet Pro is your new hero. With its unique design and ergonomic features, this basketball will make you better in ways you never thought possible, and hear this out, eyes for the price, because it’s super affordable.

The Wilson Jet uses Opti-Touch technology to maintain direct fingertip contact with the ball. This bladder maximizes responsiveness and raises your game to its highest level. What makes it “Pro”? The bladder—most balls are made with cheaper butyl rubber bladders.

Let’s take an up-close look at everything else this basketball has going for it.

Wilson jet pro

First Impression

1. Product Description

Good things come in threes, and Wilson has given you all three. The ball’s rough-patterned all-weather material is tough enough for outdoor use and cushioned enough for comfort. In addition, its anti-shock core ensures it will last through the basketball season.

  • Material: Composite Leather; great for outdoor play
  • Color: Available in brown
  • Rating: 4.7/5
wilson jet pro review

2. Dimensions

The size and weight of the ball are ideal for those who play the game in high school or college, although younger players with bigger hands can use it too.

  • Item Diameter: 27.5 Inches
  • Size: variety of sizes;5-27.5
  • Weight: 16 ounces
  • Length x Width x Height: ‎8 x 8 x 4.5 inches

Top 4 Features of Wilson NCAA Jet Pro

You want more details, don’t you? Other than the cherry on the top details. Well, here you go. I’ve got tons of features on this ball, but I’m going to focus on the ones I think make it stand out above the rest.

1. Premium Leather Cover

The Wilson Jet Pro Basketball is made with a premium leather cover that provides tackiness and softness for better feel and performance. The Jet Pro’s seams are tightly stitched and don’t have any loose threads or nicks that could cause a player to lose control of the ball.

2. Durability 

The Wilson Jet Pro Basketball meets the highest standards set by the NBA in terms of performance and durability. The deep channel design offers supreme control and durability for all types of players, whether you’re shooting hoops at the local playground or competing in a tournament game.

3. Excellent Bounce

This ball bounces off the rim in a more realistic way than other balls do. That’s ideal for those who want to practice their shooting skills. It also has a good grip so that you can control your shots better and make them more accurate.

4. Cushion Core Technology 

When it comes to the game of basketball, make sure you’ve got a cushion between your hand and the ball. The enclosed core technology is what sets this basketball apart from others on the market today. It helps you make comfortable shots and has better bounce control than normal balls.

Alternatives To Wilson Jet Pro Basketball 

In my opinion, these are the three best alternatives to the jet pro basketball:

1. Spalding TF-150 Official Size 3

wilson jet pro vs spalding tf 150

There are some high-quality balls that are cheaper than Wilson Jet Pro. Splading Tf 150 is one of them which come’s in two colors (white or orange) and have an excellent grip with their tacky surface material.

2. Wilson NBA DRV Series

wilson jet pro vs wilson dry

This ball is pretty much a water-resistant super-ball covered with leather, More colors than a Crayola 64 pack, starting at $11.95, and ranging as high as $74. Rated 4.6/5 stars.

3. Spalding Rookie Gear Youth

wilson jet pro vs spalding rookie

 This ball is made of synthetic leather, which makes it very durable, perfect for young players who want to improve their game without having to spend a lot, just because of it’s discounted price tag Heard the ball is available in multi-colour, talk about bringing your “A game” and your “fashion flex” to the table.

Pros and Cons

There’s plenty to like about the Wilson Jet Pro, but a few quibbles to be aware of.

  • Affordable
  • Good grip
  • Consistent bounce
  • High durability
  • Value for money
  • Heavy lacks the air pressure regulation technology


There is no doubt that the Wilson Jet Pro basketball, with its superior design and performance, is one of the best basketballs in the market today. If you are looking for an affordable, high-quality basketball, this might be the best option for you.

Tell me which feature attracted you the most, I’d love to hear your experience!

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Are Wilson Basketballs good?

Wilson basketballs are some of the best on the market, and there are many reasons why choosing Wilson can be the best option for you. It has a microfiber composite cover and ultra-grip technology to give players a strong handle.

  1. Is the NBA using the Wilson Balls?

The NBA has been using Wilson basketballs for years. The official ball is called the “Wilson Evolution,” and it is indeed made by Wilson Sporting Goods.

  1. Does Wilson make outdoor basketballs?

The Wilson NCAA Solution Game Basketball is one of their top products. It is designed to handle outdoor play with a durable synthetic leather surface and strong rubber construction. The ball’s size and weight conform to regulation standards for men’s basketball at any level. 

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