How to Spin a Basketball on Your Finger

How to Spin a Basketball on Your Finger Like the Pros

There is no way to spin a basketball on your finger.

Or is there?

Are you not being able to spin a basketball on your finger? The coolest tricks depend on this basic skill, but it’s tough for most people.

But now, you can finally flaunt your skills in front of other people by learning how to perform this basic trick.

All you need is a finger, a basketball and a smooth surface.

Let’s go for a spin.


Before You Begin Your Spin:

Spinning a basketball on your finger is a no-brainer, but if you want to do it like LeBron James, you’ll need the right stuff to do so.

An Old Basketball: 

You’ll need an old basketball that doesn’t have much grip left on it. Grab any basketball, hold it in both hands, press your thumbs into it, and try to spin it. If it spins easily, then it will work for spinning on your finger.

Trimmed Fingernails:

You will also want to trim your fingernails so they aren’t sharp and poking into the ball as you try to spin it.

A Lit Bit Of Space To Practice: 

Although you may not need much room to actually do the trick, having enough room away from anything breakable is a good idea just in case you drop the ball.


Stretching is essential because this exercise requires wrist flexibility, hand stability, and good balance.

Steps To Spin Basketball On Your Finger

Step 1: Grip The Ball

The first step in learning how to spin a basketball is getting the grip down. It’s important to remember that there are two ways to hold a basketball: “backwards” and “forwards.” 

grip to a basketball

A backward grip means holding the ball with your palm facing away from you. A forwards grip means holding the ball with your palm facing towards you.

Step 2: Find The Spot

You need to find its sweet spot to get the ball to balance on just one finger. 

Put your middle finger as close to its center as possible, then slowly lower it onto that spot while rolling your wrist forward — in other words, away from yourself. 

The ball should rest on top of your finger without falling. If it does fall, try again! Practicing this step should help you master the next.

Step 3: Spin In Air

Flick your wrist or throw it up slightly, and make sure that as you spin the ball, it goes around your index finger instead of getting stuck in one place or flying off.

One-Handed Spin Vs Two-Handed spin:

It may seem hard to believe, but there are actually two ways to spin the ball on your finger — and you can choose which one suits you best.

Use your dominant hand for one-handed spins. Position the ball on the tip of your middle finger with the seam facing up. Keep a firm grip on the ball and slowly roll it forward so it starts rotating.

Use both hands to roll the ball during a two-handed spin. Hold the basketball between your index and middle fingers with the seam facing up. Slowly roll it forward until it starts moving in a circular motion around your fingers.

Step 4: Move Between Fingers

Once you are comfortable with how much force is necessary to keep the ball spinning and balanced on one finger, try switching fingers by spinning the ball off of one forefinger into your other hand’s forefinger. 

The trick is to lift your previous forefinger off of the ball right before your next finger.

Step 5: Keep Building The Momentum

Keep the momentum going for your basketball if it starts to slow down by slapping or patting the ball from the side. Don’t knock off the ball after finally getting it to spin on your finger.

Additional Resource

For a live demonstration, check out this video for a proper understanding.

Key Takeaway

Spinning a basketball on your finger can help you improve your overall coordination and hand-eye skills. It also provides countless benefits for ball handling and dribbling techniques.

Better get those fingers ready for some spinning.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Can you spin any ball on your finger?

That’s a trick question, because the answer is yes. The key to spinning a ball is finding the center of mass and applying torque. A basketball has a relatively high center of mass and is easy to spin, while a soccer ball has a very low center of mass and can be more difficult to get going.

  1. Why can’t I spin a basketball on my finger?

Spinning a basketball is actually much harder than it looks. It takes some skill and lots of patience.To spin a basketball on your finger, you need to flick your wrist. The ball will begin spinning in the direction of your flick. If you’re right-handed, you’re going to want to flick your wrist towards the right for a clockwise spin. If you’re left-handed, flick your wrist towards the left for a counter-clockwise spin.

  1. Is it hard to spin basketball?

The fact that you can’t spin a basketball on a finger has nothing to do with your ability to shoot baskets. It has everything to do with physics. It is all about technique and your ability to practice until you get it right. It took me several weeks until I could hold my hand out straight in front of me and have the ball spin for several minutes at a time without wobbling or stopping.

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