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Spalding TF-Trainer Weighted Indoor Basketball Review


Spalding makes the ball solid that stays longer. The basketball holds its air in it and saves you from the hassle of inflation after a few days. Doesn’t matter whether you are a basketball player or a coach. Which gender or age group do you have? It fulfills the individual, as well as team’s training needs smoothly. 

After using indoor Spalding TF- Trainer for Men, I turned towards Spalding TF- Trainer weighted indoor basketball to build my body strength. How does it make my drills season-friendly? Want to know? Let’s dive into the review.

3 lbs weighted Spalding TF- Trainer indoor basketball is the sibling of Spalding React TF- 250 indoor basketball and cousin of Spalding TF- Trainer 6 lbs ball for men. 

The gem of basketball helps you to improve your dribbling and passing skills. An exact match to your training needs. 

Spalding tf trainer 3lbs


Inner MaterialFaux Leather
Outer LayerComposite Leather
Weight3 pounds
Warranty1 Year
Suggested Player’sUnisex Adults

Benefits of Spalding TF- Trainer Weighted Indoor Basketball

1. Best Structure for Indoor Players: 

I used the ball indoor wooden floors as well as synthetic floors, and the results didn’t make me regret it. If I consider it the best basketball for indoor players for its unbeatable structure, I mean it.

You guys will find its outside layer of composite leather. While inside material is faux leather. 

The combination of top-quality leather makes it the favored ball of each basketball enthusiast, including me and, of course, you!

2. Faux Leather Makes it Durable: 

Spalding remained an NBAs partner for a long time. That means you can not only use the ball in NBA tournaments but continue your indoor training season after season. 

Faux leather makes it more durable than its rubber manufacturing competitors like Hoops king weighted basketball, Wilson NCAA, and Mikasa BX 1000 basketballs. 

spalding weighted indoor basketball

Thus you have to forget about purchasing a basketball for a minimum of 12 months.

3. Composite Cover Extends Shooting Range:

If you read the article without skipping a single sentence, you have expert knowledge about its composite cover. However, if you just skim, let me elaborate more on its outer layer.

Its composite leather makes your grip solid and ball-handling easy. Once you learn to control your ball, your shooting range will be doubled. 

Spalding weighted basketball is the true companion to achieve your real basketball goals. In the form of solid grip, handling, shooting, dribbling, and healthy body posture.

4. Bounced Like a Regular Ball:

Usually, people think that a leather ball makes your bounce a little bit difficult. And I know you also have the same opinion, MY CHUMS. No worries, I have used the ball and found it bounces like a regular 1.3 pounds ball.

Even it made my shy team member confident enough to save his ball from defenders by bouncing it towards his companions. 

Important Point: Guys! One thing, I want to admit that you will not find it bouncing correctly in your early days with the ball.

However, regular practice will make its bounce better, as I claimed, like a regular basketball. 

5. Worth Your Money:

Many of us do much care about our money. Even we explore the internet before purchasing a single product. Then why do we spend our cash on Spalding TF-Trainer weighted indoor basketball?

I also had some thoughts before placing an order on Amazon. But believe me, guys, the ball worthed my money. It has different prices on Spalding’s official store, Walmart, ubuy, and Amazon. 

Its material, structure, and color make many basketballs enthusiastic the real champions.

Pros And Cons

  • Helps to build body strength
  • Super adjustable with all basketball drills
  • Improve your ball-handling skills
  • The best training tool for all seasons
  • Durable material even worth’s your single penny
  • Needs a lot of effort to bounce correctly
  • Incompatible with rustic pavement and outdoors

Attention Alert: The Spalding basketball contains a precise amount of lead that may be harmful to your health. Can defects birth cycle and reproductive system likewise can cause cancer. See the report of the proposition of 65 warnings website.

How is Spalding TF-Trainer Weighted Indoor Basketball Better Than its Previous Version?

When we compare the Spalding, as mentioned earlier, TF- Trainer weighted indoor basketball, its 3lbs weight makes it better than the previous Spalding TF- Trainer basketball for men, which is 6 pounds (too heavy for men most of the players).

Other features like bounce, grip, and durability are the same in both siblings. Regardless, 3 pounds Spalding indoor ball is more pricey than 6 pounds for men.

Alternatives for Spalding TF- Trainer Weighted Indoor Basketball:

As usual, are you waiting for my alternatives section to know better options than it?

Let me tell you that I personally love to play with TF- Trainer weighted indoor basketball. However, it might be replaced for its cost or smaller weight. 

Yeah! You have read correctly that “more weighted basketball” can replace it if you have robust handling, dribbling, passing, rebounding, and shooting skills with 3 lbs.

1. Spalding TF- Trainer basketball for Men:

More weight means more practice and adequate control over the game. If you want a 6 lbs basketball to improve your arms and abs for better basketball plays, you must try Spading TF-Trainer basketball for men. It will double your stamina after a few drills.

spalding tf trainer mens

Learn more: Spalding TF- Trainer basketball for Men Review 

2. Spalding Street outdoor Basketball:

DEAR FRIENDS, if you are looking for an outdoor basketball, Spalding Street outdoor ball will be the finest option. It comes in two colors and 3 sizes for men, women, and children individually. The most crucial thing to mention; it is more affordable than Spalding Trainer indoor basketball.

spalding street outdoor basketball

In a Nutshell:

I have shared the Spalding TF-Trainer Weighted Indoor Basketball review. To save your time from deep research and your money collapse in choosing the wrong ball, I gave my honest opinion. 

How did you find the review? Would you mind making a deal with TF- Trainer to show your love for us? Let me figure it out in the comment section.


Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What is the weight of a Spalding basketball on Amazon?

A Spalding basketball weighs from 20.8- 48 ounces. 1.3 lbs is the standard size of basketballs suggested by the NBA.  While players go with weighted 3-6 lbs basketballs. The weighted basketball makes their muscles strong and empowers their handling of regular basketball.

2. How can you describe shooting hoops?

While shooting hoops during basketball games, you twist, shoot, pivot, turn, jump, and run. When you regularly do workouts, it strengthens your body and muscles. In this way, your skeletal system becomes potent, and your overall posture improves.

3. How heavy should be a weighted basketball?

It depends upon your previous basketball skills and how much-weighted basketball you can handle during practice. Usually, 3 pounds are a better replacement for a regular basketball. However, some players like 6 lbs basketball to improve their skills. 

On the other hand, some trim, confident players move towards 2.75 lbs basketball to enhance their dribbling and shooting.

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