Spalding TF Trainer Weighted

Spalding TF-Trainer Weighted Men’s Basketball Review 2022

How did Spalding TF-trainer basketball empower my muscles for 15 hours of workouts in a week? Curious to know? Let me reveal the secrets in this review. Read on…

29.5 inches, 6 pounds heavy Spalding TF training basketball increase your body strength (arms, muscles, and fingers) to range shooting, dribbling, and passing. Its weight provides your wrists and fingers a power that is difficult to get in your regular workouts.

Thus, the ball is the best-weighted basketball for training adults indoors. However, kids find it uncomfortable due to its heavyweight. You can start their training with a less heavy ball of 3 pounds. 

Best Selling Points of Spalding TF-Training Basketball:

  • Structure: The inflatable structure of the ball is compatible with indoor courts.  
  • Weight: The ball has 6 pounds in weight with 29.5 inches in length. If you are enthusiastic about speeding up your dribbling or need a trainer to prepare your team professionally. Then the weighted Spalding TF basketball is the best pick for you.
  • Material: The ball is made of soft leather. Incompatible with outdoor courts because of its sensitive material. 
  • Bounce: Spalding TF- trainer makes your grip strong on it because of the soft leather. Its weight diminishes the bounce, so you have to put extra effort into bouncing it in court.
  • Durability: The leather material makes the Spalding training ball more durable for indoor use. It wipes the hassle of replacing your ball every three to four months with a minimum of 12 months of durability.
Spalding TF Trainer Weighted

How TF- Trainer basketball Helps in Training?

Either you face a problem while shooting your ball on the court from a distance. Or you want to improve your control of the ball while dribbling. Then pause! Let me solve your trouble by writing down TF- trainer basketball benefits.

1. Strengthen Your Body

Weighted TF- Training strengthen your muscles to keep you in the game. Basketball requires muscle strength to control the ball, from dribbling to shooting in the net. Using a 6 lb heavy ball during your training helps you handle the ball. 

Adding TF- Training to your regular workouts will make you strong enough to compete in official tournaments. In addition, a weighted ball will empower your forearms and fingers and help in the muscular development of your upper body.

Further, it boosts your stamina, makes your body active, and sharpens your brain during matches.

2. Makes Your Shooting Clear

Your habit with weighted basketball will make it simple to strike both with the heavy and regular lightweight ball. 

Passing the ball from a long distance is more complex than short distances. Spalding TF- Training allows you to control the ball from long range with regular drills. 

It makes your shots quite clear and confident from a distance. 

3. Robust Your Control Over The Ball While Dribbling:

Dribbling practice with TF- Training will encourage your skills. The reason behind this is; that a weighted ball flexors your muscles to dribble. In addition, it teaches you how to balance during dribbling drills. 

Turning towards a weighted basketball in your regular workouts will allow you to control the game as per your skills.

4. Guides You About Passing

When you add a weighted Spalding ball to your regular routines, your passing to your mates becomes more effective and proper. As a result, a different increment in your passing speed and precision. 

Spalding TF Trainer Weighted Men's Basketball

It guides you to pass your ball in the right direction with accuracy. Connects your brain with your body to make you a professional basketball player.

5. Enhance Your Rebounding Stats

If you are used to a heavy ball, rebounding is your teacup. In case of a missing shot, you try to rebound your ball under pressure to enhance your rebounding stats. Thus you can prevent your defenders from getting the ball from the court. 

Once you learn to control the ball, no one will defeat you in the basketball game. 

Pros And Cons

Though this basketball may leave an impression on you and its brand may promise you high-quality and innovation, it does come with its own set of cons that shouldn’t be overlooked.

  • 6 lbs weight strengthens your muscles
  • High-quality material makes it durable
  • An inflated ball decreases manual work
  • An excellent tool for basketball training
  • Affordable and workable like an absolute ball
  • Heavy ball for kids and beginners

Other Options to Check Out:

1. Spalding TF-Trainer Weighted Indoor

If you are looking for a lightweight Spalding TF- Trainer for men but heavy than a regular basketball, choosing 3lbs Spalding TF- Trainer indoor basketball will swipe your worries. Its heavyweight and quality material improves your dribbling, passing, and shooting skills.

TF-Trainer Weighted Indoor basketball

TF-Trainer Weighted $43.99 on Amazon

2. Spalding Varsity Outdoor Basketball:

Well! I understand your wish to have a better outdoor basketball. Here, I have mentioned TF- Trainer’s sibling that makes your outdoor gaming perfect. Moreover, it is only 1.8 lbs. Uhhh! You can choose it for heavy training balls haters. 

Spalding Varsity multicolor ball

Spalding Varsity $23.20 – $48.64 on Amazon

3. Spalding All-Conference Indoor-Outdoor

I was wandering on Amazon’s page of Spalding basketballs. Suddenly, I glimpsed the All-Conference indoor + outdoor basketball. What perfect timing to take the link and add it to my list just for your comfort, guys.

Spalding All Conference

Hurray! I have given you the solution to in and outdoor drills with top-quality material, affordable, and lightweight basketball. Go and place your order on Amazon!

Spalding All-Conference $29 on Amazon

In a Nutshell:

After speeding up my dribbling with 3 lbs basketball, I decided to go with 6 lbs. My basketball passion never sticks with the same size, color, and brand of basketball.

After experiencing 6 lbs TF- Trainer, I opened my laptop and pen down important stuff for my Readers. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Are weighted basketballs beneficial in training? 

Of course, a weighted basketball improves your drills and strengthens your arms, fingers, hands, and muscles for dribbling and rebounding. You can adapt it to your regular basketball to improve your passing and shooting range and dribbling and rebounding. 

2. How does a weighted basketball worth it?

When you put extra effort into polishing your skills, go with a weighted basketball. Then its weight is worth your efforts and increases your stamina. Moreover, builds a connection between your brain and body to speed up your shots.

Additionally, makes your basketball handling easy and accurate for your long and short passes.

3. For whom does weighted basketball work?

Simply, it works for professionals and trainees with basic basketball skills. The primary purpose of weighted basketball is to make your upper body strong enough to play with a regular ball during tournaments. 

However, kids and newbies should avoid choosing heavy basketball at their beginning career level. It will exhaust them from basketball games.

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