Spalding Rookie Gear Basketball Review – [Updated 2022]

You’re a huge basketball fan and, as a parent, you want your 6-9 years old son to share in your passion. 

You want him to have the same experiences you did: playing one-on-one in the driveway, learning all the tricks of the game. However, locating a ball that’s the right size for a child can be difficult.

Like most young players, a rookie’s transition from high school to the pros is difficult. Shooting and handling are tough, and with so much competition around, a kid can feel nervous. 

But those bad days are over—with Spalding NBA Rookie Gear, built for the young legends in the making.

Hey, I know you’re here for the specs and features, and you betcha,  I’ll give you every detail.

Spalding Rookie Gear

Key Facts

NBA Rookie Gear Basketball is designed to meet all NBA standards, including diameter size and weight. It’s available in a variety of colors along with an assortment of graphics and designs on them as well, giving your child the option to select from many options.

SizeYouth 5
Weight01 kilograms 
Item Diameter27.5 inch
Dimensions LxWxH9.0 x 9.0 x 9.0 inches
Suggested UsersUnisex

My Personal Experience With The Purchase

Honestly, what’s an extreme sport? I think handling kids. It’s a whole challenge itself.

I remember how hard it was for me to finally convince my daughter to pick any sport for herself. And she chose basketball. Then came the difficult part of finding a good size basketball.

My friend who came like a blessing in disguise, recommended me the Spalding NBA Rookie Gear.

spalding rookie for kids

The ball has the feel of an official NBA game ball, and so has been great for practice and games.

I’ve used this in practice sessions and it has helped my daughter get really good at dribbling because of its composite cover that gives a strong grip on the ball. 

The manufacturer’s provide a 15% lighter weight to help young kids develop basic techniques. 

It does have some bounce to it, but not nearly as much as a rubberized ball like Wilson Evolution, therefore I would suggest this ideal for the kids but not for us grown-ups.

Overall I am very happy with this basketball and would recommend it for anyone looking for an inexpensive option that still maintains some quality.

Features That Make It An Ideal Pick

The Spalding NBA Rookie Gear basketball is designed for recreational play. It’s perfect for kids, aged 9 and under. Get a load of these features and make your summers fun by practicing ball with your children!

kids playing with rookie gear

1. All-Surface Basketball

From the gym to the driveway and everywhere between, this basketball’s your go-to pick, and that’s what the manufacturers say and I agree to it as well.

My kid and I play in the gym or when we’re lazy, we do practice sessions in the driveway, and it works just great. All thanks to its high-quality rubber for improved bounce and durability. 

Hence a great ball  for indoor or outdoor play because it can withstand a lot of wear and tear without breaking down quickly like some other balls do over time.

2. Weight As Light As Feather

Like I mentioned before, it’s actually 15% lighter purposely, you’d think why is that so? But don’t think it’s a default, it’s actually to make sure your kids practice with the most techniques easily enough to control the ball.

And if your child can’t handle the weight of the ball, then all your efforts are basically useless.

3. Practice Makes A Kid Perfect

You know it all starts from dribbling, shooting and passing, and this basketball is going to make your kid learn that in days. They’re designed soft enough so your kid won’t get hurt during play nor would he damage your house’s window.

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The softness of these balls makes them great for practicing shooting skills, and getting an easier grip on it while dribbling.

nba rookie basketball

Your kid will be playing like Kobe Bryant and sure they’ll get selected in the team if you give this basketball a chance.

Advanced & Notable Feature: This basketball ship is inflated and is game ready if you get it online from Amazon. So don’t worry about finding your air pump, it’ll take out the first few months easily.

What’s Different About The New Version?

There are a few differences between this basketball and previous versions. First, it has a new design that’s more colorful than ever before. 

The plus point of these colorful graphics is it is easier to see who’s in possession of the ball. I know this because I’ve seen how kids can go blank on the court and they can’t keep up with where the basketball is, but that problem is out of the box now!

It also has a new feel, which is much softer and more comfortable all designed for the comfort of your child and that they get to grab as many skills as possible.

Overall, it has a new grip that helps you better handle, easy to hold and throw. The best thing about this ball is its price. It’s affordable and comes with the best warranty in the business.

Pros and Cons

To be honest, my experience with rookie gear was the best because my kid was happy with it and the game was improving as well. But like every product comes with its share of pros and cons, so does NBA rookie gear. Here’s a few to consider:

  • Designed for indoor-outdoor play
  • Perfect for kids
  • Deflate easily
  • Not suitable for adults
  • Only for casual play

Alternatives To Give A Try

The new generation of basketball players are all about the Spalding rookie gear basketball. Although if you’ve got this basketball, there is no need to look around for more. But still if you want to have more options here are some suggestions:

1. Spalding NBA Mini Basketball

rookie gear vs splading nba mini rubber

This ball is specially designed for younger players, this mini basketball has a unique design and is made from soft rubber that makes it easy to grip. Though I wasn’t really convinced with the features, since Rookie was a much cheaper option and more loaded with features.

The ball is easy to handle and dribble due to its size and it’s built to withstand the rigors of playground play so it’s said to last longer than others.

2. Baden Skilcoach Basketball

rockie gear vs baden skilcoach heavy trainer

The basketball has a rubber center for maximum durability and bounce. This Baden SkilCoach Heavy Trainer Rubber Basketball is ideal for training purposes and has been designed to help players improve their skills.

I’ve actually purchased this basketball and I was actually surprised to get a quality basketball from Baden. The ballis designed to be used indoors and outdoors and will not crack or chip easily.

Plus it’s available in two sizes so if you wanna go out and learn some new tricks, you can do it with this ball.

Should You Get This Basketball For Your Child?

My friend, I know you want the best for your child, I mean who doesn’t? And I believe that Rookie gear will never break your trust. Want your kid to become a junior NBA star? Rookie gear is the way to look.

Why do I claim that? The NBA Rookie Gear basketball is different from all other balls I’ve tried. It’s got a soft feel to it, which is perfect for shooting hook shots and jumpers from outside the paint area. 

Spalding NBA Rookie Gear

The product comes with a warranty and a money back guarantee, so in case there are any issues with the product, you can contact the manufacturer and get it replaced or refunded.

The price of the product is reasonable, considering all its features, which makes it worth spending your hard earned money on this product.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What size basketball should a 6 year old use?

The best size for a basketball for a 6 year old is a youth basketball. The official size of the ball is 27.5 inches ,size 5.This size will be appropriate for kids from 5 to 7 years of age.

  1. What is good basketball for kids?

A good basketball for kids is one that is the right size and weight for their skill level. And Spalding is the brand to trust, because they make ideal basketballs for children.

  1. How do you pick the right size basketball?

 The size of the basketball you use depends on your height. If you are tall, then a regulation size ball will be too small and an oversized ball will be too big.Generally speaking, there are three sizes in which basketballs are available. You can choose according to your age group.

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