SKLZ Control Training Basketball Review- Should You Buy it?

I increased my dribbling from 1 minute to 15 seconds within one week. How did SKLZ control training basketball help me to do so?

Want to know? Let’s drill down. 

The hidden gem of basketball training SKLZ control training basketball develops professional dribble and passing skills. Its 3 pounds weight improves your arms, wrist, and fingers’ power. This way, you can practice a professional workout that wouldn’t be available in your gym.

SKLZ Basketball
  • Color: Black
  • Material: Faux Leather
  • Age Recommendation: Adult
  • Weight: 1.35 Grams
  • Diameter: 29.5 Inches

Best Selling Points Of SKLZ Control Training Basketball

  • A versatile training tool that Improves ball control
  • Trusted brand that gives durable construction
  • Easy to use and suitable for all skill levels
  • Increases hand strength

Overview of SKLZ Control Training Basketball

The basketball is manufactured with top-quality synthetic leather to strengthen your passion. Its heavy material promised to withstand years of shooting and dribbling practice.

Additionally, you can use top-notch material basketball indoors and outdoors games.

Gripping Performance

When you switch from regular basketball to SKLZ basketball, it pays for your time. Strengthen your grip on the ball and prepares you for professional tournaments. 

Indoor game players always want to make their dribbling quicker and more controlled. Therefore, trainers and professionals need to polish their skills.

Unrivaled Bounce

Heavy basketball has a natural bounce for all ages, from kids to adults. Its smooth material helps to rebound and dribble indoors as well as outdoors. 

The material used in SKLZ basketball has low-density and consistent bounce. It helps enthusiastic basketball players bounce their ball near the hoop without considering its height.

Use with Reliability and Durability

Faux leather in the basketball makes it more durable, even for outdoor practices. Once you buy it for under $90, it will swipe your trouble to replace the basketball for years. 

Free Tip Alert! Remember that keeping your basketball in severe weather conditions will wreck it. The material of basketballs is incompatible with weather conditions. Thus your slight carelessness can tear it into pieces.

Lightweight Design for Maximum Agility

The basketball is heavier than its competitors like Wilson, Spalding, and Baden. Why is it so? Let me elaborate on it. Nonetheless, NBA’s official basketball is heavier than regular balls. That’s why SKLZ is responsible for manufacturing serious basketball to compete with the NBA’s professional players.

More so, a 3lb heavy basketball adds intensity to your arms, muscles, and fingers for professional dribbling, shooting, and handling the ball during workouts.

Quality Training – At an Affordable Cost

You will notice various market price listings, including SKLZ’s official store, Walmart, Amazon, and Dick’s sporting goods. Amazon is selling the heavy ball for $37- $89.


The basketball material is the first thing to evaluate when buying a new ball for you. There are three types of material used in manufacturing the ball.

  1. Leather
  2. Synthetic (composite)
  3. Rubber

If you are a competitive player, your league will decide your material. In the case of self-training, you should choose a heavy leather basketball to raise your stamina.

In addition, leather provides a firm grip on your sweaty palms and excellent water resistance. It doesn’t damage the wooden floor of a basketball court.


Compatible ball size with your body and hands makes your practice more effective. We have to go with a 7-inch mini basketball when discussing our youth trainees teaching basketball.

Older athletes also use the same size during their training.

Now, let’s concern the youngers (ages 9-12); my experience suggests a size 6 ball— having 28.5 inches is the best option.

Finally, the kids (ages 5-9) should use a size 5 ball having 27.5 inches to discover new basketball techniques.


Commonly, basketballs have an orange color. However, picky players can select black, brown, green, and multi-colors.

Most leagues, even NBA officials, permit orange basketball to play matches. Thus all other colors have more styling concerns than features.

Well! If you are looking for basketball practice, prefer your favorite color. The reason is; that your favorite colors have the power to increase your passion. 

In contrast, take recommendations from your coach and teammates for choosing official basketball.


  • The excellent training ball for teenagers
  • Fantastic to improve handling and range
  • Smaller than competitors to hold easily
  • Rubber material makes it durable
  • It helps in burning out after a regular workout


  • Insert air before each session as it is flat.

Buying Guide For Purchasing a Training Basketball

The heavy ball, with 3 pounds weight despite 22 ounces of regular basketball— is a training tool to polish specific gaming skills. 

The more weight a ball has, the more strength it will provide your body. Regardless, you can use it during workouts and pieces of training only. 

But! Have you ever noticed that each ball sounds different? Why is it so?

Let me tell you that size, material, and basketball court surface makes the sounds different from others. 

Alternatives for SKLZ Control Training Basketball

Let’s see viable alternatives for SKLZ Control Training Basketball.


SKLZ Light Weight Control Basketball

Using heavy basketball for training sometimes aggravates the trainees, who need more interest in-game. For them, I recommend SKLZ lightweight basketball to speed up their dribbling, hand speed, drills, and quick bounces. The lightweight basketball leads them toward excellent ball control, grip, and feel. The high-quality leather material provides durability for playing indoors and outdoors. For increasing your grip and control on the basketball in the early days of training, go with SKLZ lightweight basketball.

Editor’s Choice
SKLZ Official Weight Control Basketball

SKLZ Official Weight Control Basketball

The more miniature SKLZ official weight control basketball increases awareness about basketball control and feelings while dribbling. Its regulation of weight improves muscle workout. In addition, the leather layer makes it durable and compatible within and outdoors. If you are passionate about pounding basketball, it is the best ball.

My Final Thoughts

The theory says the heavyweight of the ball improves your shooting range. Also, it enhances your ability to hit balanced shots by empowering your upper body muscles. 

Balanced dribbling and shooting are only possible after regular practice with heavy and frequent basketballs.

Top Reviews From The United States

“Exactly as described great for practice and work out use in training! One person found this helpful.”
February 19, 2023

“You have to put air in it, but it’s great, looks durable, and will strengthen your muscles. The packaging is perfect!”
January 12, 2023

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the best-weighted basketball, and why?

    SKLZ Control Training basketball is the best-weighted basketball with 3 pounds weight. Experts consider it the best ball for many reasons.

    – You will get many years of durability and affordability with this product.
    – Your body gets extra strength from it.
    – After a few sessions, you can dribble better, improve your hand movements, and tighten your grip on the regular basketball.

  2. How can a player practice basketball control?

    The foremost thing to control your ball is choosing the right one according to your body and hands’ size. Other essential points to note are:

    – By spreading your fingers wider, ensure that your palm is in contact with the ball as much as possible. You will have a better grip and coverage of the ball as a result.
    – Dribble the ball with full force inside you.
    – Protect your ball from competitors on the court.
    – Keep your eyes on the hoop.
    – Bounce your basketball from one hand to the other.
    – Shoot the basketball in the basketball net.

  3. How much time in 24 hours should a player practice basketball?

    NBA guidelines show different workout hours for different age groups.
    – Aged 7-8 have to play one game daily for 3 hours per week.
    – Aged 9-11 have to play two games daily for 5 hours per week.
    – Aged 12-14 have to play two games daily for 10 hours per week.
    – Aged 14 and above must play two games daily for 15 hours per week.

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