How To Play Basketball In The Rain

Can You Play Basketball in The Rain? The Ultimate Guide

It’s raining cats and dogs today, and you want to play basketball. It sounds exciting — who doesn’t love jumping around in puddles? 

But before you get all gung-ho, let’s discuss how you can play basketball in the rain and still have fun.

So put on your running shoes or tracksuit pants and lace up those sneakers. We’re going for a jog!


5 Ways For You To Play Basketball In The Rain

1. Choose Your Location Wisely: 

You should have to pick a location that has some type of protection from the elements. 

The best option is going to be an indoor court – simple is that!

indoor basketball court

However, if it doesn’t fit in your circumstances, then? Obviously, looking for somewhere that has a roof or similar shelter is the last option you have.

Unless you want to look like a drowned rat, it’s best to keep the rain off your head while playing.

2. Wear Proper Clothing:

It goes without saying, but I’ll say it anyway: wear waterproof clothes when playing outside in the rain.

Otherwise, your clothes will become wet and heavy, which will make it difficult for you to move around freely, and may lead to injuries if your clothes get caught on something.

3. Waterproof Ball:

Make sure you use a ball that is specifically made for outdoor use. These balls are usually all-weather and water-resistant.

If water gets into the ball and causes it to expand, then this will negatively affect its bounce and accuracy. 

4. Check Your Shoes:

For God Sake, do justice with your feet. Playing basketball in the rain opens doors for many possible injuries due to slippery and skiddy surfaces. 

In that case, using regular athletic footwear is the least blunder I can expect from you, my friend. 


Do you want to slip while dribbling or shooting?

Hell, not!

So, choose a pair of shoes with good traction which will keep you sticky to the ground and prevent injuries due to wet ground.

5. Use Towels and Rags:

You know what! 

There is an extra effort that you would do while playing in the rain. When it rains during a game, your hands will get very wet and slippery over time.

However, by drying off your hands regularly with a towel or rag between plays, you’ll be able to keep them dry and you can easily shoot your baskets in an efficient manner

Use towels and rags to dry off your hands between plays. One can’t let a little rain stop one from practicing.

How to Dry a Wet Basketball Court

Even if you’re not Michael Jordan, we can all relate to the challenge of playing on a wet basketball court. Moisture causes your feet to slip and the ball to bounce unpredictably.

But fear not, I’ll show you how to dry it out!

  • A floor squeegee is the best tool for removing surface water. If there is standing water, you can use the squeegee to push it off the court. The squeegee is also good for removing puddles.
  • Some synthetic surfaces have built-in drainage systems. Others allow rain to drain away naturally. If a court doesn’t have a drainage system and collects lots of water after rainfall, you may need to install one. Drainage grates can be inserted between the flooring slats so they aren’t visible when they aren’t in use.
  • Sweep the water off the floor with a push-broom and into the gutter system.
  • Run your dehumidifier until the relative humidity reaches about 50 percent, or until the court is dry enough for play, whichever comes first.

5 Common Strategies For Playing Basketball In The Rain

1. Do More Homework on your Passing Strategy:

The first thing that you should do is to change your strategy of passing. In the rain, the ball will slip away from your hands easily, so when you make a pass to your teammate, you need to be quicker.

 The best way is to make a chest pass or a bounce pass rather than an overhead pass.

2. Shooting:

Secondly, if you want to shoot, you must take aim carefully because the ball will slip easily when it’s raining. 

Never look away from the ball for a second and keep your eyes on the prize, which in this case is the basket. Don’t worry about trying to impress anyone; just do your best!

3. Dribbling:

Thirdly, while dribbling a basketball in the rain, never stop moving or change directions quickly as it may result in slipping.

Don’t try to dribble too fast, as it will make it difficult for you to control or dribble through your legs.

4. Defending:

In defense, you should use your body more than your hands because it is difficult to hold the ball tightly with your hands in the rain.

You can keep close contact with your opponent when he/she tries to dribble or shoot because it is easier for him/her to lose control of the ball in such weather conditions.

5. Rebounding:

Use two hands when grabbing rebounds when playing basketball in the rain. 

In addition to using two hands to grab the ball during a rebound, use two hands to grip the rim as well after you have grabbed the ball with both hands. This will help you get better control of yourself.

You should also avoid jumping too high for rebounds because you are likely to slip off on a wet surface.

view of basketball in the rain

Whether you have the proper gear to play basketball in the rain — including machines that dry your court and a proper game plan for continuing your game, it’s still not advisable to play basketball in rainy weather because you also run the risk of injury.

5 Misfortunes You Can Get When Playing Basketball In The Rain

No pain, no game! Here are 5 injuries you may get when playing basketball in the rain:

1. Sprained Ankles: 

Sprained ankles are one of the most common injuries you can get when playing basketball on wet surfaces. 

It is because your ankle is more likely to bend outwards than normally on a dry surface. It puts you at risk of rolling your ankle and landing on it improperly.

Pro Tip: To avoid spraining an ankle, make sure that you do some basic stretches before getting into the game. This includes heel raises and toe raises. These will loosen up your ankles and prepare them for uneven surfaces such as water puddles or slippery surfaces.

2. Broken Bones:

The wet wood floor is a fickle friend. Though he’s typically reliable, he can become slippery at times – most often when least expected.

bone injury

If you fall while running or jumping, there is no soft ground to cushion the blow, so you can wind up with a broken bone—most often a knee injury.

3. Slipping and Falling:

The court surface becomes slippery when wet, and it can cause you to slip, fall, and get injured. So be careful when moving and dribbling the ball.

4. Muscle Cramps:

Playing with cold muscles can result in muscle cramps, especially if you don’t warm up before playing the game. 

Wet clothes and cold weather also increase your chances of getting muscle cramps during the game. 

Make sure you wear layers of warm clothes if you want to play basketball outside in the rain or snow.

5. Colds and Flu:

Getting wet in the rain for a long time can lower your body temperature, which makes you susceptible to colds and flu when your body has to fight against low temperature and high humidity.

cold infection

When You’re Stuck Inside, Try These Activities

Even when a plan to play basketball is ruined by rain, there are still some enjoyable ways to pass the time and keep your mood sunny.

1. Play Another Sport

If basketball isn’t an option because of the rain, consider playing another sport instead.

You can shoot some hoops with a soccer ball or play indoor volleyball in your house. If you already have friends over and are looking for something to do, try another sport instead.

2. Play Video Games:

Video games are a great alternative to playing basketball if it’s raining. 

You can curl up on the couch with some snacks and play your favorite game for an hour or two. 

Video games also allow you to play against other people worldwide via the internet. You can even play basketball games online!

3. Watch Basketball Movies:

If the rain is too heavy, it’s better to stay indoors and watch basketball movies.

I’d recommend you watch “More Than a Game.” It tells the story of LeBron James and his high school basketball team and shows their honorable journey towards the state championship in their senior year.

If you’re looking for a humorous film, check out “Space Jam,” starring Michael Jordan and Bugs Bunny. 

You might also want to watch “Coach Carter .”It’s my favorite movie of all time.

4. Practice: 

Practice makes perfect, right? 

Rainy days are an excellent opportunity to focus on your weaknesses and improve them while teaming up with other players who want to do the same thing.

You can always practice dribbling, shooting, or even pass defense without playing a full basketball game outside in the rain.

5. Read a Book:

Reading is fun and a great way to keep busy when it rains outside. 

If you’re interested in learning more about basketball players Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant, check out their books “Driven from Within” and “The Mamba Mentality.”

6. Take a Break:

The most important thing is to take a break from basketball if it’s raining outside. That way, you’ll have a chance to relax your mind and body.

Sports coaches have been preaching the old saying “A sound mind in a sound body” because it’s true. You can’t play well if you’re not feeling well. Take a break when you need to.

The Bottom Line:

It’s not a great idea to play basketball in the rain. You could get injured or even get sick! Who needs that kind of fun? If you have to do something, might as well go for a walk and stay healthy! 

There are plenty of alternative activities in bad weather that don’t involve basketball.

After all, you don’t want to spend your time in a hospital waiting room when you could be at home watching movies.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Can you get sick from playing basketball in the rain?

It’s hard to say if you will get sick from playing in the rain because it really depends on where your immune system is at.

If you are healthy enough to play basketball, then you should be fine to play in the rain. Just make sure to take a shower when you get home and eat healthy foods that day to help your body fight off any bacteria or germs.

2. How do you get water out of basketball?

You can dry a wet basketball by squeezing it with your hands, spinning it around while holding a hair dryer near it, or wiping off the water with a clean towel.

3. What happens if it rains during a basketball match?

You can wait for the rain to stop and then continue playing from where you left off or you can continue playing even if it rains harder than before, but this should only be done if you know that the rain will not last for long or if there is any chance of getting back on track before it does.

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