NIGHTMATCH Light-up Basketball Review

Basketball is the game of all time if you have a passionate soul. But how would you find it when you learned an ideal basketball equally visible in your hands, on the hoop, and rim at night? Verily, it will change your moment into a fun time. Today, I will involve you in the NightMatch size five light-up basketball review.

Overall Rating

Even things will be more transparent with undercover benefits (twists) that no one will let you know. Since, NIGHTMATCH light-up basketball will improve your flexibility, night sight, and playing power. Also, it takes your passion as high as the darkness at night by giving you a sunny glow. At the same time, you will find it a cost-friendly basketball for your whole family.

Just hold your horses and dive into the dispatch.

NIGHTMATCH Light-up Basketball Review
  • Color: Orange
  • Material: Rubber
  • Age Recommendation: Kid
  • Weight: 445 Grams
  • Size: Official size 5

Best Selling Points Of NIGHTMATCH Light-up Basketball

  • Ideal for youth players, offering a comfortable grip and improved ball control.
  • Enhance nighttime visibility, ensuring continuous and enjoyable play.
  • Designed to withstand various playing conditions, maintaining durability and performance.
  • Convenient battery access, ensuring hassle-free maintenance.
  • A unique and exciting gift for young basketball enthusiasts

Features of NIGHTMATCH Light Up LED Basketball

The glowing ball has twin lights ready to light up with a single kick or bounce. Moreover, It gives you memories of sweet moments with your friends and family by providing a vast glow– in the night. Now, it’s time to drill down to explore more about it:

LED Bright Lights Inspires Kids

First, I bought the ball for my son. He loved it because of the paired brighter lights than its competitor GlowCity Glowing basketball. And the ball seemed like a Sun Shines at night. Thus, it gives you a sense of playing with the sun (as bright as the sun). It has an extra set of batteries to replace. However, the batteries can only stay for a short time.

Nonetheless, It is not a big deal for me to have extra batteries to put in because many glowing basketballs have the same issue with their artillery. 

One Bounce Brightens The Lights

Mmmm! You can buy a ball with automatic lights to add more delight to your family time. Under the umbrella of glowing basketballs, NightMatch light-up LED basketball has cool lights that glow with your kick or a bounce (Two in one formula to light up the ball).

So, it reduces your worry with manual light-up buttons. Moreover, its lights do not go dim like the AND1 LED basketball and remain active after 60 seconds of inactivity. Thus the ball will stay with you while giving one minute to your sweaty body. 


Due to the rubber material, it is less durable than leather basketballs. It doesn’t make you endure the same ball for many years and allows you to replace your outdated hop. 

On the other hand, it doesn’t wear off in the early days of playing and is worth your money.

Rubber Material Makes It Soft

The ball is made of rubber, which is more lightweight than leather basketballs. In addition, it feels soft and improves your flexibility. However, its rubber feels like a plastic ball in cold weather. If you are a resident of frigid areas, then go with Milachic glowing leather basketball.

Also, it is less bouncy than its competitors, Wilson and GlowCity LED basketballs. But you need not worry about that because less bounce needs more power to dribble the ball. And when you put extra effort into bouncing, your muscles get stronger.

Important: The ball is more affordable than GlowCity and Wilson LEDs for the same features.

A Slam Dunk For Gaming Occasions

How do you feel playing on a drizzling night with your Maine kids? When their excitement shout to grab the ball from each other. Meanwhile, the ball is smiling from a distance with its bright lights. How cool is that? Suddenly, your younger naughty son holds the ball and shoots it into the glowing rim. Then the game reaches its peak by holding the hands of your kids’ passion. What a lovely evening it is!

As far as I know, that smiling ball is none other than NightMatch glowing basketball. NightMatch light-up basketball is more valuable than diverse rubber balls as an age-friendly and waterproof ball. Additionally, it’s a slam dunk for every occasion, whether a rainy Christmas evening or a casual moonless night.

Need to enlist the pros and cons of the NightMatch Size 5 Light-up Basketball?
Let’s head to the next section to identify some of it’s qualities and highlight areas that may need improvements.


  • Season-friendly light-up ball.
  • Waterproof to absorb the moisture of your hands.
  • The ball of the whole family.
  • Bright ball is giftable.
  • Playable both indoors and out.


  • Tight and snug, making it a bit challenging to replace the battery.
  • Low-quality pump damages easily

Tips To Use NIGHTMATCH Light Up LED basketball

Night balls are different than day-times and need extra care to use. Let me provide the easy ways to make your night fun with this Amazon light-up basketball.

  • Keep extra batteries with you to save your game from spoiling due to short-life batteries.
  • The pump is low quality, so use it with great care to retain it for a long time.

What Makes It Better Than GlowCity LED Basketball?

GlowCity basketball has a few accessories to manage the ball. On the other hand, NightMatch keeps a wrench, ball pump, and extra batteries within the pack. Thus, the pump helps you to inflate the ball before playing. 

Plus, other accessories only limit your time to 30 seconds for preparing your ball.

Which Glowing Basketballs Can Replace NIGHTMATCH Light Up LED basketball And Why?

Feeling unsure about making an informed decision still? Worry not, I’ve got your back! Check out these alternative basketball options that excel in performance, durability, and illumination, helping you take your nighttime play to the next level while connecting with your passion for the game.

My Favorite
AND 1 Basketball

AND 1 LED Light Up Basketball

If you are looking for a more affordable ball with the same features, then AND1 LED basketball will not make you regret it. AND1 basketball is pretty cool to play pitch black outside.

Its watch-sized batteries make the light orange and noticeable from a distance. However, it also has a downside with inconsistent batteries and turns off while playing.


Cipton Glow In The Dark Basketball

Suppose you require an excellent gift ball for your kids on Christmas and Easter. Then Cipton Glow will be worth it. Cipton glows basketballs have consistent lights even during long hours of playing.

That keeps the children engaged with their game. A minor area for improvement about Cipton; is its battery life (only 8 hours), less than AND1, and NightMatch basketballs.

Final Verdict

In a nutshell, the NightMatch size 5 Light-up Basketball is a versatile and age-appropriate option that caters to players of all ages. As a cost-effective and entertaining addition to your family’s sports equipment, this durable ball outlasts traditional rubber basketballs. Experience the joy of shared nighttime play with this exceptional glowing basketball that brings family and friends together for unforgettable games under the stars!

Happy Users All Around The World

For a child the thrill of playing basketball at night adds an extra touch of excitement to their game. This glowing basketball comes highly recommended, offering a cool and visually appealing experience during nighttime play. Loved by young players and built with quality in mind, this ball is sure to become a cherished addition to their collection.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the ball come in size 6?

Currently, NightMatch has glow-in-the-dark basketball for sizes 5 and 7. Perhaps the company plans to make size 6 by noticing customers’ feedback.

Does the grip of the basketball noticeable?

Of course, the ball has a good grip. Its soft rubber material makes it waterproof to absorb your hands’ moisture while playing. It also enhances your grip on it while dribbling.

What size of batteries has to use in this Amazon light-up ball?

Typically, the ball has an extra set of batteries to replace with. When buying separate batteries, you need to choose 1.5v batteries. They keep your ball consistently bright with stable features.

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