NBTiger Weighted Basketball Review

Among hundreds of basketballs available on the market, I prefer NBTiger weighted basketball in my regular training. Why?

Because its grippy structure and 2.2- 3 lbs. weight satisfy my fickle nature about balls and improve my ball-handling skills more than other weighted basketballs.

My experience will help you choose the weighted basketball for enhancing your passing, dribbling, and shooting range. It will rub off your anxiety about buying separate basketballs indoors and out because it provides two-in-one benefits for in and outdoor courts.

Let’s explore more about the training tool from my testing.

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NBTiger Weighted Basketball
  • Color: Black 
  • Material: Polyurethane
  • Age Recommendation: Adults
  • Weight: 2.2 + 3 pounds
  • Size: 29.5 Inches

Best Selling Points Of NBTiger Weighted Basketball

  • Enhances muscle memory and strength training for improved on-court performance
  • Durable composite leather cover ensures longevity and superior grip in all conditions.
  • Versatile Training Tool, ideal for athletes of all skill levels
  • Proven Results, used by professional athletes, coaches, and trainers t

Features of NBTiger Weighted Basketball

Your good friend, faster and stronger NBTiger basketball helps you advance your basketball skills. 

Let’s figure out its further feature’s.


The ball combines PU leather with nylon windings to enhance its durability. It also makes it feel good in your hands. Thus, it serves you even in severe weather conditions and saves money from buying new basketball every month.

Further, its soft feel strengthens your grip over the ball and burnishes your ball handling. Moreover, Butyl bladder and natural rubber make its bounce more reliable. So that you can dribble and shoot the ball per your desire and prevent your defenders from taking your ball.


If you plan to jump from a regular basketball to a weighted one for the first time, then 2.2 lbs. NBTiger is the perfect match for your requirements. Why?

Because it is more than a standard 1.3 pounds basketball and less weighty than branded 3-6 lbs. basketballs. Its weight is 1.5 lbs. more than a regular ball. Thus, you can find it your trustworthy companion for basic drills.In contrast, if you are willing to go towards an advanced rebounding level to dribble, pass, and bounce, 3 lbs will not make you regret it.

Thus, it is a good start with less heavy basketball before jumping to heavier basketballs that cause injuries on your forearms and ankles. And you will find it an extra push that helps you to be a master in basketball fundamentals.


Uhhh! The material that makes the grippy basketball is nylon, natural rubber, butyl, and PU leather. All the material makes it durable, bouncy, and air retainer. Its durability saves your cost on a massive amount of basketballs every year. Moreover, its fine bounce improves your dribbling and rebounding skills. In addition, it is a good friend of air and prevents it from leaving the ball during your training session.

Thus, a ball of your hand comforts you in your drills and increases your passion for touching the sky.


MY FRIENDS, NBTiger has a natural rubber layer that bounces better than leather basketballs. The rubber layer provides extra bounce and a firm grip over the ball. You have to push the ball on the floor with normal force, which bounces back to your hands. Thus, it reduces your extra effort rather than a leather basketball during training sessions.


Nylon windings make it more durable and enhance its structural integrity. That means you can use it both in and outdoors without any anxiety because it is strongly compatible with rough floors and soft surfaces. Accordingly, reduce your expense on purchasing separate balls for different floors.


Price varies from market to market. On Amazon, it starts between $28- $30

How Does NBTiger Weighted Basketball Help in Training

Whether you want to improve your basketball bouncing or strengthen your muscles for rebounding, NBTiger weighted basketball solves your troubles. 

Strengthen Your Body

The primary purpose of NBTiger basketball is to Strengthen your muscles, arms, legs, and fingers. Moving from a regular ball to heavy basketball in your daily drills is challenging for your muscles and body structure. But the ball trains you like a pro with its less heavyweight. Also, it improves your muscles and speeds up your body to properly move the ball in your hands. In other words, it improves your ball handling.

The main goal of NBTiger weighted basketball is to make you a better player with an official ball on the official court.

Makes Your Shooting Clear

When you replace your standard ball with NBTiger weighted basketball, you feel the apparent difference in weight. And the weight makes you a more challenging shooter for your competence. Moreover, passing the ball to your companions from a distance is difficult in your early days.  However, adding a weighted ball like NBTiger in your drills will control your ball like pros in official matches. It can make your shots more confident and pointed from a long distance. Then makes you an unbeatable basketball player.

Robust Your Control Over The Ball While Dribbling

MY CHUMS, balancing your ball and body is the core skill in basketball practices. After switching from regular to weighted basketball, you can strengthen your grip on the ball. Also, it helps you to flexor your muscles to move your ball properly while dribbling. Thus, your master skills can change the whole game as you want.

Guides You About Passing

2.2 lbs. NBTiger heavy basketball affects your passing and handling skills positively. This profound basketball develops your arm strength and improves your pace. In addition, it empowers you to secure your ball from interceptions. Thus, it plays a vital part in precising your passing skills. It also boosts your playing fundamentals and makes you a professional basketball player.

Enhance Your Rebounding Stats

Your skills help you save your ball from being snatched from your opponents on the basketball court. And what makes you skillful in your official tournaments? Of course, your heavy basketball drills serve you as a faithful companion. When you choose the NBTiger weighted basketball, it enhances your rebounding skills. No matter whether you are a heightened player or a short one. Your practice with the heavy ball gives you the confidence to rebound your ball near the hook.

Let’s dive into it’s pros and cons now:


  • Great workout for all ages.
  • The perfect training tool in an official size.
  • Compitable within and outdoor courts.
  • Rubber makes it soft in your hands
  • Grippy ball provides good grip.


  • Less durable than its competitors.

Other Options of NBTiger Weighted Basketball

Now is the time to look at some other useful options for NBTiger Weighted Basketball.

AND1 Fantom Rubber Basketball

AND1 Fantom Rubber Basketball

When you need a rubber ball with less mount, AND1 Fantom will be a better replacement. You can use it on outdoor courts. It is available in five colors at an affordable price of $20- $22 on Amazon. A budget-friendly basketball improves your upper body and enhances your ball-handling skills.

Editor’s Choice
SKLZ Control Training Basketball

SKLZ Control Training Basketball

If your pocket allows you to spend more on a heavy but quality ball, you must choose SKLZ weighted leather basketball. Ordinary ($48- $50) basketball can be your accurate basketball guide after your couch. What is preventing you from selecting a branded leather basketball? Nothing can stop you if you are a professional player and want to be an unbeatable basketball player.

Editor’s Choice
Champion Sports Weighted Basketball

Champion Sports Weighted Basketball

If you are a fan of rubber balls to save yourself from the elbow, knee, and wrist injuries, Champion Sports will not make you regret it. A 3 lbs. ball with an affordable price of $35- $40 is a good training tool for speeding up your dribbling performance and extending your shooting range.

In a Nutshell

Weighted basketballs become the core element for advancement in your basketball skills. When we talk about big rubber balls, our priority has to be qualitative, firm grip, better bounce, and improved body skills. NBTiger is a good rubber basketball to save you from injuries and take your basketball skills to an advanced level.

Happy Users

  • Item Title
“As an avid basketball player, I recently decided to invest in the NBTiger Weighted Basketball. To my surprise, it has exceeded my expectations. The added weight of the ball has allowed me to improve my shooting accuracy and overall strength. The quality of the basketball is impressive, and I can tell that it will last me a long time. I highly recommend this product to anyone looking to enhance their basketball skills.” John

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I start with a heavy basketball?

A heavy basketball is easy to use as you do with regular basketballs. However, it would be best to be more energetic regarding the shooting. 
Here are the steps to start with a heavy basketball properly.
1. Take the ball in both hands and keep your finger pads tight on the ball.
2. Raise the ball over your head.
3. Keep your arms locked in.
4. Keep the ball-handled elbow in.
5. Feel your muscles more substantial than a regular basketball.
6. Feel your arms, wrists, elbows, and shoulders.
7. Raise the ball 25 times in the same position to give more strength to your body.

How to start a dribbling drill with a weighted basketball?

Take two balls to start dribbling drills. One should be a standard-size ball of 1.3 pounds, and the other should be a weighted 3 lbs. basketball. Now, keep your head up and start dribbling both balls simultaneously. You will feel the difference in energy that both basketballs consume. Your brain also will work on two different-sized balls along with your muscles. Put the balls on the floor for 30-60 seconds. Then repeat the drill.

What is the standard size of a basketball backboard?

Usually, basketball backboards are 3.5 feet tall and 6 feet wide. In other words, 107 centimeters tall by 183 centimeters wide.

Discussing basketball rim diameter, it should be 18 inches (46 centimeters). 

The inner rectangle is 18 (46 centimeters) inches tall and 24 (61 centimeters) inches wide.

Thus, it helps the players measure the time and ball distance from the hoop.

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