How to Move a Basketball Hoop Filled with Sand?

Being a basketball fanatic, you desired a basketball hoop in your home. The two primary essential things of basketball are the hoop and the basketball itself. 

If you have basketball at home, you can easily practice whenever you feel free and convenient. 

Having a basketball hoop is an exciting thing. You can place it in your backyard or on your driveway. The portable basketball hoops are trendy nowadays because they are easy to use. 

Moving a basketball is not an easy task for a single person. This task needs excellent energy and the power of muscles because the basketball hoop is not light weighed. Do you have any idea? 

This article guides you on how to move the basketball hook filled with sand. 

Let’s get started!


Main Types of Basketball Hoops

Portable In-ground are the types of basketball hoops.  

1. Portable Basketball Hoop:

The portable basketball hoop is designed like an A-Shaped structure. It has three main parts rim. Pole and base. To keep it stand steadily, its base has to be filled with sand and water.

2. In-Ground Basketball Hoop:

On the other hand, to fix the in-ground basketball hoop, you need to dig a deep hole and cement it.

Is it Possible to Move the In-Ground Basketball Hoop?

To move the in-ground basketball hoop is not an easy task. It is fixed deep in the ground by digging a hole and cementing around its base. It is fixed firmly. It can’t be replaced easily. 

The in-ground basketball hoop is designed to bear the hard and strong dunks of enthusiastic players.

To move or replace the in-grounded hoop is somehow tricky but not impossible. 

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Just keep a thing in mind that you can’t do it yourself. You need to hire professionals to replace it. It might be costly, but paying someone is better than hurting you. 

So don’t worry, the professionals can do it in a proper way.

Steps to Move a Basketball Hoop Filled with Sand:

A portable basketball hoop is now in trend and also easy to use. If you have a portable basketball hoop filled with sand, you and your companions move it to relocate in your home anywhere and anytime you wish to place it. 

Here is the step-by-step process that guides you to move it

1. Easy to Move the Portable Basketball Hoop With wheels 

Some portable basketball hoops have wheels. The latest models of hoops usually have wheels under the base. The wheels make it easy to move the basketball hoop even it is much heavier and filled with sand, water, or anything else.

If you want to buy a new one, I recommend purchasing the basketball hoop with wheels at the bottom. It gives you ease if you’re going to relocate it alone.

2. Collapsible Design Helps to Move the hoop Filled with Sand

Nowadays, many portable hoops are designed with a foldable structure. The collapsible design helps you to move the basketball hoop filled with sand easily. 

Whether you have a portable hoop or not, you know about its foldable function. You should read the manual to learn about its operations.

The folding function of basketball is specially designed to reduce the height of the hoop. It can manage according to the heights of players. 

This foldable functionality also helps to relocate and transport the basketball hoop easily.

3. Emptying the Base Nearly Impossible

The base has a tiny hole of just 1 inch. You can fill it with water or sand with the help of a funnel. 

For replacing it, if you are thinking about emptying the base, it’s useless. You can’t do it upside down to keep it empty. 

How can you do it? The base is attached to the pole. If you want to do it upside down, you have to disassemble it. The base is too heavy, and it contains approximately 500lbs sand

4. Is Disassemble the Basketball Hoop Better or Not?

If you can’t move the basketball hoop that is filled with sand or water, you can disassemble the portable hoop. Is it better idea or not?

It is not a difficult task to disassemble it. You just need the user manual of your basketball hoop. Read all instruction to disassemble the hoop thoroughly.

Start to unscrew the nuts and bolts and separate all parts, the pole, base, and backboard. Now relocate it anywhere with no hassle. Then assemble it again in its new place.

5. Support the Base With the Usage of Foot top

If your basketball has no wheels then you can apply this technique to move your basketball hoop filled with sand. My friends usually apply this technique to move the hoop whenever they want.

  • Grip the pole of your hoop with strong strength of arms firmly.
  • Place your one foot right/left in the center of the base .
  • Just put the foot top on the base, and heel should be placed firmly on the ground.
  • Keep the other foot firmly on the ground too.
  • Pull the pole towards you so that the base also pull up.
  • Grip the frame steadily and move it where you want to relocate the basketball hoop.
  • You can move it without much difficulty.

Note: Seek help from a friend to prevent any damage. Buying an expensive basketball hoop is not an easy task. So take care of your hoop.

6. Protection of Attachments:

Whenever you move the basketball hoop or disassemble it to replace it, you should take good care of all its attachments.

Protect all the parts being damaged while transported to other places. The backboard is the most delicate part to be handled carefully.

To save them from expected damage, you should rape up all the features, especially in the plastic bubble cover.

How Much Sand do you Require to Fill the Base of a Basketball Hoop?

You can use the 300lbs -500lbs sand in the base of your basketball hoop.

The base has the capacity of 500lbs if you want to keep it steady on the ground, you use the recommended quantity of sand. The sand stabilizes your basketball hoop and you protect yourself from any inconvenience

Is it Better to Fill a Basketball Hoop with Sand and Water?

The portable hoop has a base, if it is a new one, it is empty, you have to fill it with some material to allow it to stand steadily you can use both sand and water, whatever you want

1. Water 

Fill the base of your portable basketball hoop with water is an easy and inexpensive way. Water is easy to fill, refill and strain. When you want to move your basketball hoe you can strain the water with a handy water pump.

Remember that water evaporates gradually, so check it regularly when you start playing.

Pour some bleach in the water to avoid the fungus and algae. If you are living in the coldest places you can pour some anti-icing solution into the base water

2. Sand

Sand is the best option than water. The sand is heavier than water. People mostly prefer to use sand instead of water, because with sand your basketball hoop becomes more stable and steady.

You need no fear to collapse it down while playing. 500lbs sand is the best quantity to keep the hoop firm and stabilize. Sand is difficult to fill it and also difficult to empty the base.

Follow the cautions to avoid expected damages


Now, I have told you all steps of how you move a basketball hoop filled with sand. If you already have a basketball hoop at your home, you can easily relocate it anywhere your want.

If you want to buy a new one, this is a complete guide for you on how to fill it with sand and water, how to move it, and what type of hoop you should buy.

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