Mikasa BX1000 Premium Rubber Basketball Review 2023

Is your child or young player’s struggle with basketball shots baffling you? The breakthrough might not be in extra practice but in the ball, they’re using. 

Enter the Mikasa BX1000, an outdoor basketball that has been turning the game around for young enthusiasts. With its durability and unique grip-friendly design, it could be the missing piece in boosting their performance and confidence. 

How so, you ask? Keep reading the review to uncover how this basketball is revolutionizing the game for youngsters.

Mikasa BX1000 Premium Rubber Basketball
  • Material: Rubber
  • Color: Orange
  • Size: 4-5
  • Item Diameter: 25.5 inches/27.5 inches
  • Weight: 1.15 pounds
  • Age Description: Adult
  • Dimensions LxWxH: 11 x 7 x 3 inches
  • Rating: 4.4/5

How Mikasa BX1000 Changed My Game?

Once, basketball felt like a mountain I couldn’t climb. My shots were off. The rim? A destination I couldn’t reach. It was a dream slowly turning into a nightmare.

Then came the Mikasa BX1000. The moment I held it, I felt a spark. It fits perfectly in my hand, like a missing puzzle piece. Suddenly, the rim didn’t seem so far.

My first shot with the Mikasa BX1000 was different. It soared through the air. It hit the rim and fell in. I was elated. This ball was not just about the game, and it was about rediscovering hope.

Soon, my afternoon shooting practice turned into games. We shared laughs, we shared shots, and we shared our love for the game. Games not just for me but for my niece as well. The Mikasa BX1000 comes in size 4 too. It was the perfect fit for her little hands.

Basketball stopped being a task. It became a bond. A bond between me, my niece, and our Mikasa BX1000. Every swish, every rebound, every pass became a shared joy. A joy of togetherness. A joy of transformation.

The Mikasa BX1000 did more than change my game. It reignited my passion. It showed me that failure is not the end. It’s a step towards success. And with the right ball, I can take that step. With the Mikasa BX1000, I did. And so can you.

What Makes This Ball So Special?

The features! Of course. When I first held this basketball, I knew it was special because its features immediately caught my eye. The textured rubber had a perfect grip and felt right in my hand.

Let’s have a detailed look at its features:

Premium Vulcanized Rubber Cover

This rubber covered basketball is a whole package, providing you with a fine texture so you can easily have a grip on and hold on to.

Because of intense practice sessions, my hands used to get sweaty quickly, but even when I dribbled with sweaty hands, its premium rubber cover still provided an excellent grip.

Deep Wide Channels

I bet you’ve been in this situation many times: You get a good angle shot, but your ball slips through your hands. This was the same situation with me until I found this great basketball!

But you’ll be able to dribble with more control and feel with the deep, wide channels of BX1000. So take that ball, make an angle, and go for that shot. It won’t be in mid-air but will swish straight through the hoop.

Perfect For Every Age Group

You can’t find a basketball that’s suitable for kids and adults. Mikasa’s quick to step in with the solution.

It’s designed to be enjoyed by youth and adults alike, guaranteeing hours of fun for family game night. Or get prepared for kids vs adults match! Isn’t that exciting!

Great Bounce 

A durable material makes this ball strong and resilient, allowing it to withstand the test of time and multiple uses without losing its shape or becoming worn out. 

The material also makes the ball bounce higher and well on concrete surfaces, so don’t stress out; it won’t break your windows or your back.

Mikasa BX1000 Vs Mikasa BX1500

Alright, folks. We’re back in the huddle, and this time, we’re giving you the full lowdown between two hoop legends – the Mikasa BX1000 and the BX1500. Now, you’re probably scratching your head, wondering which one’s the slam dunk for you. So let’s break it down and cut through that confusion.

First off, the BX1000. This bad boy is wrapped up in high quality rubber skin, and let me tell you, it feels like a dream. The moment it hits your palms, you’re gonna notice that grip. It’s smooth but tactile, and that means less drag on the court. Dribbling’s never been this easy, folks.

The BX1500? Well, it’s got its charm, but there’s just something about the drag. It’s a tad bit heavier, which might not be your vibe if you’re all about that effortless flow in your game.

Now, let’s talk internals. The BX1000 boasts a butyl bladder, and this ain’t just about science, folks. This means less of that dreaded ball deflation, especially when you’re playing in fluctuating temperatures. The BX1500, on the other hand, has a latex bladder. Not a dealbreaker, but if you’re about uninterrupted play, the BX1000 might just steal the show.

And then, there’s the weight. The BX1000 is an all-rounder. It doesn’t care if you’re a seasoned pro, a weekend warrior, or a newbie. It’s been designed to suit all types of players. The BX1500? It’s a bit more hefty, which might not be everyone’s cup of tea.

So, you ask me, who’s the winner? Look, it’s a tough one because both these balls have got their merits. But here’s my two cents. If you’re after a versatile, durable ball that’s got the weight and grip just right, the Mikasa BX1000 might just be your MVP.

But at the end of the day, the ball’s in your court. You gotta pick the one that’s gonna suit your game and make you feel like a superstar every time you step onto that court. So go ahead, take your pick, and let’s see some magic on that hardwood.


  • Good Grip
  • Exceptional Durability
  • Budget Friendly 
  • Premium rubber cover


  • Ball pump not included 
  • Not suitable for indoor play

Alternatives To Consider

Mikasa BX1000 Basketball is a great basketball, but there are other alternatives that are just as good if not better. Try out one of these products to see if you like it as much or more than the old basketballs you’ve been using.

Editor’s Choice
Spalding NBA Varsity

Spalding NBA Varsity Basketball

Spalding Varsity Outdoor Basketball is a fantastic basketball for every level of play. It has many features that make it just right for the competitive player or casual player.

Since I’ve purchased and played with many Spalding basketballs, I can guarantee that its butyl bladder will give you excellent quality with a nice bounce.

This ball will not get punctured easily by nails or other sharp objects, making it last longer than other balls. You’ll love this ball’s durability—it won’t rust or damage if you play with it in the rain. It’s not that expensive, and it’s the best alternative to Mikasa.

Molten BG3800

Molten BG 3800

This basketball comes with a rubber grip with just the right amount of tackiness. The ball itself is made of high quality leather, which should last you for a while before its first cleaning.

Though I’ve never purchased molten items, since it’s FIBA approved and used in many leagues, sure, it’s meant to stand out with its features.
The Molten bg 3800 is heavier than other balls, but this extra weight gives it durability. This ball can be used for indoor or outdoor use.
Heads up, this basketball may be a little expensive, so make sure your bank account’s ready for it.

Final Verdict

I have found the Mikasa BX1000 basketball to be superior in many ways. I found that it was easier to control while dribbling and passing, which made me a better player. I also found that my shooting technique improved because getting a good shot off was harder. 

It costs around $20, which is a little for something so fun to play with. In my opinion, this ball is the best for players of all ages and skill levels.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is Mikasa a good basketball?

    Mikasa’s are good basketball if you want to play basketball on a budget. They aren’t the best ball in the world, but they are a great option for people who are new to the game, who don’t want to spend a lot of money on a ball, or who need to get a replacement ball when their old one breaks.

  2. What is a compact size basketball?

     A compact size basketball is a type of basketball that is just like the regular size only smaller. It is also called mini basketball. 

  3. What size basketball do kindergarteners use?

    I can tell you that kindergarteners should be using a size 3 ball. A size 3 ball is small enough that the children can’t cause any serious damage to themselves or others.

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