KWOOD Engraved Light Up Basketball Review

How do you feel when a kind soul holds you in his arms to reduce your sorrows? Then motivates you to break the legs of fear and touch the 7th sky by riding the horse of your passion. Indeed, you feel energetic to rule the world by your aptitudes. And you know, the energy doubles when the scenario is changed to convert you into that healing soul for your kids. Agree?

Likewise, KWOOD Engraved light-up basketball inspires me with its unique printed message. It makes me in tears by touching my emotional soul. Despite the inspirational letter, I experienced it as a nice leather ball to play at night. Do you want to know more about it? Let me share my testing with you.

KWOOD Engraved Light Up Ball
  • Color: For Grandson
  • Material: Silicone
  • Age Recommendation: Unisex for all ages
  • Diameter: 29.5 Inches

Best Selling Points Of KWOOD Engraved Light-Up Basketball

  • Unique engraved design: Stand out on the court with custom artwork
  • LED illumination: Bright, long-lasting lights for night games
  • Durable construction: High-quality materials for lasting performance
  • Water-resistant: Suitable for indoor and outdoor play, rain or shine
  • Great gift idea: Ideal for basketball enthusiasts of all ages

KWOOD Engraved Light Up Basketball Key Features

A Complete Gift Package

Typical light-up basketballs come deflated in a plastic wrapper. However, the ball has essential accessories.

 But we feel hesitant to present them as a gift due to their incomplete appearance. 


I received KWOOD’s basketball with a complete gift package to be more confident in my presentations.

The parcel has 

  • One standard basketball
  • One pair of silicone bracelets.
  • Two gas needles. 
  • One air pump.
  • Water-resistant basketball bag.

I was pleased to gift such an excellent product to my nephew. When he opened it, he burst into tears after reading its message. 

From then, he kept his basketball with him all the time. 

And his mother keeps the ball from him 2-3 times harder when he sleeps. 

So My Friends,

KWOOD doubles your value while presenting a gift. Your companions will appreciate you for the proper and impressive packing. 

Should you not consider it a gift to your kids?

Outdoor Features Help Indoor Courts

The basketball is built of leather. That assumes to be more friendly with rough pebbles on outdoor floors. 

Undoubtedly, KWOOD light-up basketball is equally compatible indoors as well as outs. 

Source: Amazon

Its standard size helps you dibble and shoot it on your wooden indoor surface. 

Moreover, you can use the ball in your competitions. Though, this is a big claim from the manufacturer. 

However, I encountered it only enjoyable ball on our night courts. (TBH, I didn’t see it in the competition yet. I would share my thoughts with you). 

Typical Leather Grip

KWOOD is a rich basketball with deep grooves and ball pebbles to strengthen your grip. Thus, you can use it as a workout tool during your drills.

Further, it rubs off your worries about purchasing a new basketball after a few months with its wear-resistant features. And you can save your money by shelling out your kids’ accessories (BTW, I do so). 

Besides, you can make economies by spending only $50 on the right ball yearly. 

Offers You The Perfect Night Sight

Being a basketball enthusiast since my childhood, I tried hundreds of basketballs.  

Many light-up balls have bright LED lights inside them to shine my nights. 


KWOOD has a great position due to its unique glow-in lights. 

Why am I claiming it? As it has orange stripes on a black leather basketball. When I bounce the ball, orange stripes show a pleasant view by making a circle of glowing lines around the ball. 

This feature differs from typical AND1, WILSON, and NightMatch LED basketballs. Also, it prioritizes it upon Reflective 3D HW Holowin basketball. 

So, it is the perfect night ball for all basketball lovers.

High-Quality Durable Ball

When we spend our money on a leather basketball, we want to visualize our cash by receiving high-quality, durable basketball that stays with us for a long time.

We feel the emotions evoking basketball nearer us and are tentative about replacing it at any cost. Agree?

KWOOD engraved light-up basketball satisfies our feelings with its durability. The high-quality leather binds with nylon windings and butyl padding to strengthen the ball.

More so, its water-resistant feature doubles our joy in rainy weather. Along with that, it absorbs the hand moisture of ultra-sweaty players.

I experienced it as a unique and durable ball. While my friend Iris shared that she doesn’t use her ball due to the fear of losing its printed message. 

I smile to hear about her innocence and force her to try it at night. She did so. It is influential in telling others to buy a blessing for themselves. Now she admits that the ball makes her realize her elder’s love for her. Thus she becomes more skilled and doesn’t miss an evening game on her outdoor court.

How do you find it? 


  • Emotions evoke printed messages.
  • Durable leather ball.
  • Suitable for in and outdoors.
  • Bright orange stripes give a pleasant view of sight.
  • More accessories than its competitors.
  • A proper giftable ball with silicone bracelets.


  • A bit heavier than standard leather balls.

Why does KWOOD Engraved Light-up Basketball Stand Apart From The Crowd?

KWOOD is a light-up basketball to present on birthdays, Christmas, anniversaries, and all other occasions. But! What differentiates it from other brands (like Wilson, NightMatch, and AND1 LED balls)?

Its reason is, the unique printed message on the ball touches your emotions and gives you a pat on the back for doing something better in your life.

In addition, it decreases the space between you and your destiny by motivating you. Though other light-up basketballs (AND1 and Alkomi light-ups) lack it, KWOOD is superior.

Feasible Replacements of KWOOD Engraved Light-up Basketball:

KWOOD is a unique basketball with exceptional features. And we don’t want to move another ball when KWOOD brightens our nights and improves our skills. 

However, our different perceptions and desires require alternatives to each material. 

For that reason, I have two viable alternatives for KWOOD Engraved basketball.

Editor’s Choice
AND 1 Basketball

AND1 LED Light Up Basketball

Nothing but the price matters for saving players. If you are one of them, then AND1 LED basketball will be a cup of your tea. 

AND1 also builds upon faux leather and is less pricey than KWOOD basketball. However, its lights are less consistent and affect your shooting because of the batteries. 

If you are okay with a lack of shooting ability, then AND1 will not make you regret it. 


KWOOD is the ball in your court to improve your professional skills on bright evenings.

Editor’s Choice

Cipton Glow In The Dark Basketball

Well! If you are looking for a nice rubber ball for $30-$40. Then Cipton Glow is an excellent alternative to KWOOD basketball.


Its lights brighten its surface from all sides, which most LED basketballs lack. Even KWOOD Engraved makes bright its stripes rather than the whole ball. (But that is not a big deal for its emotional volume features and durable leather material).

Moreover, Cipton basketball saves your eyes from blinking with decent lights. That pleases your eyes.

Let’s Wrap The Things In a Nutshell:

A saving woman like me spends over $50 on KWOOD LED basketball. 


It not only touches our soul by giving us wrapped motivation from our grandparents. 

Also, improve your dribbling, shooting, and ball handling with LED lights for non-stop playing in the evening.

Are you agree to give it a try to KWOOD’s uniqueness? 

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