Kuangmi Evil Eyes Basketball Review

Kuangmi Evil Eyes Basketball Review 2023

It is the weekend, and you want to spend time with your partner. But you want to avoid watching the screen or going outside the house.

Along with it, you want to spend some night moments on your basketball court to help your partner improve his dribbling, passing, and shooting skills. Because the tournaments are near, and you want him to lead the basketball world.


Is there any basketball that can stay with you for long hours at night? And you can only focus your game without any battery replacement or solar charging hassle.

Ding ding! I am about to open Pandora’s box to give you Kuangmi Evil Eyes Basketball Review.

The ball is built on light-absorbing leather to brighten your less-lighted basketball court.

Thus you can enjoy your time with your partner by helping him to prepare for coming tournaments.

Let me share my experience with Kuangmi Evil Eyes Basketball to give you a detailed version.

Are you ready?

Kuangmi Evil Eyes Basketball
  • Color: Evil Eye
  • Weight: 1.32 lbs
  • Size: 29.5 inches
  • Material: PU Leather
  • Recommended users: Unisex Adults

Best Selling Points Of Kuangmi Olympic Colors Basketball

  • High-quality composite PU leather material for ultimate grip & control
  • No battery is required; absorbs light to glow in the dark
  • Perfect for night basketball activities with a clear blue-green glow
  • Suitable for indoor/outdoor use in courts or streets
  • Comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee from Kuangmi

Kuangmi Evil Eyes Basketball Features

A combo of quality rubber and Pu leather make it aging resistant. 

Also, premium hygroscopic leather absorbs moisture from your hands to give you a firm grip on the ball. 

Let’s dive deep into additional details.

Unique Ball For Multi Purposing 

As a basketball coach, specific competitive basketball brands tired me, and I lost my passionate basketball soul. 

Then I searched for a unique basketball to bring my interest back into the game.

Kuangmi evil eye’s basketball also grabs my attention because of its out-of-the-box look.

The appearance bound me with the ball, and I made a deal for it.

And guys,

My decision didn’t make me regret it.

I enjoyed playing the ball with my friends, family, and basketball students. 

And the uniqueness of my ball made me proud, even in the clump of hundreds of basketballs. 

The unusual basketball design rubs off my worry about mixing up my ball with others’ and replace with a low-quality aged ball.

Its exclusive pattern design always stands it apart from the crowd.

How do you find the ball?

Could you give it a try? Let me grasp your decision. 

Durable Leather Material 

I experienced the ball being built on PU leather which underlays a quality rubber. Both the rubber and leather make it vital to stay for a long time with you.

Thus, it saves you money on the consistent replacement of basketballs. It also reduces your trouble of finding the ball of your need online.

More so, reflective leather absorbs light from the environment. Then keeps the light inside it to make a unique glow at night.

In this way, you save time from battery replacement. Also, it exterminates your trouble with light inconsistency during your game.

In addition, the ball is designed to keep the night player’s requirements in mind. To eliminate the barrier of darkness from your passion.

Most of us have sweaty bodies and faces that lose grip on the ball because our hands are moist. 


Thanks to Kuangmi’s evil eyes, basketball absorbs our hand moisture by disallowing it to affect our game.

This fantastic feature forces me to ring Kuangmi basketball’s bell in sweat players’ ears. So that they can enjoy their game and their sweat can’t stop them. 

Light Glow In The Dark Night

Light absorbing leather covers Evil eye’s surface to mesmerize glow. 

Later in the dark, that absorbed light illuminates the ball and makes it a unique glowing eye in your court. 

BTW I consider it the eye of hidden energies that reflect my body to make me more skillful in basketball.

It would help you keep in mind that retaining your idle ball in the proper light can insert ultra shining so that you can continue your dark court game as long as possible (minimum 2 hours).

Pro Tip: This is not an LED ball that’s battery could be replaced. Double-check your ball’s glow before starting your game to avoid any misperceiving.

Environment-Friendly Structure

A few years back, we used to play a game on the street basketball court in our student life. 

Because a few of my friends have small apartments with zero courts, and outdoor courts remain busy with senior players.

At that moment, we lost many balls as they had inconsistent survival.

At that time, I missed street-comfortable basketball.

Later in 2021, Kuangmi made street basktball easier with its more durability than typical glowcity glow, Cipton, and NightMatch LED rubber balls.  

Even it is compellable with rough outdoor surfaces and wooden indoor floors. 

Thus you can take your ball with you during outdoor camping to make your nights more beautiful under the romantic moonlight.

In addition, you are free to use its indoor court to satisfy your passionate soul.  

Complete Accessories Stands It Apart From The Crowd

The official size ( 29.5 inches) kuangmi basketball has a standard weight of 1.3 pounds to give you the feel of an official basketball.

Though the ball comes inflated, the package includes a pump to air your ball before starting your game. 

Moreover, it has a basketball hoop net to make you more comfortable while playing.

The hoop net saves your cash on replacing or purchasing a new hoop net.

Also, the pack has a basketball bag to protect your ball from scratches and damage when you are not playing with it.

Thus you can care for your ball, and boom, it’s life to be your long-term companion.


  • Durable material.
  • The light-absorbing feature saves your battery replacement cost and time.
  • Environment-friendly features serve you in all types of courts.
  • The package includes more accessories from competitors.
  • Unique appearance protects it from losing.


  • It is not an LED ball.
  • Has one size for youth only.

A Glimpse At Alternate

Want More Variety In Glowing Basketball? Let’s Explore Tin tin! It’s time to coup d’oeil Kuangmi evil eye basketball.

Editor’s Choice
alkomi glow in the dark ball

ALKOMI Glow In The Dark Basketball

If you are looking for a solar-charged basketball that can brighten your night as long as possible. Then Alkomi basketball will not make you regret it.

Alkomi’s official size basketball is built on leather and has more durability than evil eye basketball.

Moreover, its glowing timing is more extended than evil eye basketball. As it absorbs sunlight, it extends your games.

However, its high cost may not suit your pocket then. Moving back towards affordable kuangmi basketball will give you the same benefits as Alkomi.

Editor’s Choice

Cipton Glow In The Dark Basketball

If you are looking for a more affordable rubber material basketball, then the Cipton glow basketball is good for you.

Its rubber material saves you from injuries, and bright lights shine on your dark nights.

Moreover, it saves you $14 upon Evil eye basketball by giving you the same features as evil eyes do.

However, you have to shake hands with less durability because rubber doesn’t last as long as leather.

Wrapping Up Thoughts

Kungmi basketball shines on my dark nights with its light-absorbing ability.

At night, I feel the eye smiling and motivating me to get more skills in my basketball.

In other words, it refines my passionate soul. And stops the dark from obstacle my basketball.

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