Kuangmi Colorful Street Basketball Review 2023

Your toddler achieved A+ Gold in Pre-kindergarten. Now you want to hug him with a surprising gift to make Kindergarten 1 more exciting for him.

But which product will motivate him to keep up the good work?

Let me think!

Knock knock! I have Kuangmi colorful street basketball as the best gift for him.


Kuangmi took an excellent step to provide your child with a colorful environment that unties the knots of intellectuality. Research shows that grown-ups of a colorful climate have extreme intellect while people of typical colors environment lack.

Apart from this ability, what other benefits can Kuangmi basketball provide you?

Let’s figure it out.

Kuangmi Colorful Street Basketball
  • Color: 8 colors in one ball 
  • Material: PU Fabric
  • Age Recommendation: Unisex for all ages
  • Weight: Official weight for all ages.
  • Size: 5 sizes 

Best Selling Points Of Kuangmi Colorful Street Basketball

  • Helps your child to grow as an intellectual personality
  • Hand-woven design makes it a cute toy for your grade schoolers
  • The unique texture of the 8 colors differs from regular basketballs
  • Soft PU fabric gives a welcoming touch to your kids
  • Pushes you closer to your kids with a standard size 7 for adults

What Makes Kuangi Basketball Superior To Typical Basketball Brands?

Kuangmi took a step further from typical basketball brands by manufacturing a colorful ball.

The rainbow of eight colors makes our child’s basketball moves more fun. 

And the colors warmly welcome the children in their mini playground. Also, refreshes their moods after a dull study period (BTW, children’s study doesn’t make them bored, but they escape from their disciplined classroom environment).

Well! The ball is vital in making relaxed pre-schoolers and adds fun to all school-aged children’s playing time. 

Along with school-going children, it doesn’t ignore the exhausting routine of teenagers and youth. 

Also, it rubs off all worries from your mood and makes your child-parent time memorable.

Honestly, I experienced the ball better mood changer than standard Spalding-TF and Wilson evolution game basketballs.

Core Elements Of Kuangmi Colorful Street Basketball

It’s time to blimp out its core elements.

SizeAge Group
Size 3 (22 inches)For Toddlers 3+
Size 4 (25.5 inches)For age 4-9
Size 5 (27.5 inches)For age 9-11
Size 6 (28.5 inches)For age 12-14
Size 7 (29.5 inches)For age 15 and up

Increases Children Growing Skills

Kuangmi’s colorful street basketball structure gives your children a unique childhood. How?

Its bright colors enhance our child’s observation skills. His memory and thoughts mature when his concepts become clear about the surroundings. 

A child who dreams of making their parents proud increases their chances of leading the world with mature thoughts.

Moreover, the manufacturer sincerely collabs adults with their children to decrease the age gap. That harms our children with low confidence in their personalities.

Child-parent collaboration needs the same ball in different sizes to be handled by all age groups. 

That’s why I experienced Kuangmi colorful basketball’s all sizes with my family. 

And my testing gives a five star to this superb ball by recommending it to my friends.

Hand-woven Rubber Structure Is Harmless

Basketball game causes injuries to your body while playing with them. 

If you can’t maintain your balance during the game, you may get hurt on your hands while shooting, and your ankle may become damaged while defending. 

Sometimes, a hard basketball surface injures your hands and arms while handling it. 

As children have a more sensitive body and less grip on their ball, so chances of wounds increase.

In these circumstances, it appears necessary to use a soft basketball.

That’s why,

The hand-woven ball with harmless colors saves our sensitive children from wounds and color side effects.


Its material is a combination of leather and rubber. The outer rubber layer stands on (inner) PU leather.

On one side, combined rubber and leather maintain their weight (which makes them heavier than a typical rubber and lightweight than a leather basketball).

On the other hand, gives a firm grip with a water-resistant feature to absorb your body’s moisture.

That’s why I sincerely recommend it to everyone.

Soft Surface Is Compatible With Indoor And Outdoor Courts

As a basketball enthusiast, you want to make sweet memories on each surface with your basketball.

For that reason, you prefer a ball that equally supports your fun time indoors and outs.

I am pleased to share that I experienced soft Kuangmi basketball, an environment-friendly orb. 


Let me elaborate.

I found that the rubber layer of the ball feels soft on my hands. 

But its softness is durable because I use it in my wooden indoor court and concrete outdoor court. (Honestly, I did not get a single scratch within 4 weeks).

Also received the same feedback from my school-aged 5 years old son. He uses it in his school playground, and the ball motivates him.

How many ratings would you give to its durable softness?

Further Benefits Of Kuangmi Colorful Street Basketball

Tight nylon wrap yarn on street basketball increases the friction to give a non-slip grip to your hands. 

Moreover, its sealed snug resist the air from leaving the ball. Despite this, it won’t last long without air, so a pump is included in the package.

Along with its leak-proof snugness, it has a water-resistant surface to make your rainy games more interesting. 

You can grasp it with a grasp feel and bounce it with a nice bounce on a slippery surface.

However, the bounce may give you less performance in your slipper court if the rain is heavier than the basketball weight.

Overall, it is an excellent ball and a faithful companion for all age groups on every type of surface.


  • Improves the intellectual of your child
  • Have 5 sizes to choose from according to your age
  • Hand-woven fabric makes it durable
  • Soft PU leather welcomes your kids to the ground
  • The unique structure of 8 colors


  • Small size charges more than its competitors
  • Bounce performs less when it is raining heavily

Alternatives Of Kuangmi Basketball

Let’s see viable alternatives for Kuangmi basketball.

Kuangmi Olympic Colors Basketball

Kuangmi Olympic Colors Basketball 

If you want Olympic colors in your basketball, Kuangmi Olympic basketball is a better replacement. It is a fun ball for all ages, from toddlers to adults, with durable rubber material for indoor and outdoor use. Moreover, its bounce is more excellent than kuangmi’s colorful streetball. However, its surface becomes smoother after consistent use and challenges ball-handling skills. Overall, Olympic colorful basketball is a better replacement for giving you a nice bounce.

Editor’s Choice
Kuangmi Mini Basketball For Kids

Kuangmi Mini Basketball For Kids And Toddlers

Well! The wee ones require a lightweight mini ball to satisfy their playing intention. Though the Kuangmi street ball comes in 5 sizes, babies find it heavier than their bodies and more extensive than their hands. For that reason, Kuangmi mini basketball is the perfect choice for them. It is an easy-to-carry basketball with eye-catchy colors. That minimizes the ball noise with its shelf decorative appearance.

Bottom Line

Being a basketball coach, I find Kuangmi street basketball the perfect choice for all ages. Its water-resistant feature enhances your fun even in rainy weather. Its durable structure is also fully compatible with indoor and outdoor courts.

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