What is a Jumper in Basketball?

If you’re new to basketball, I’m sure you’ve noticed that sometimes players will refer to one another as jump shooters.

The word jumper refers to a basketball player who leaps high into the air, at which point the ball’s released, and the player makes a shot while still airborne. 

The term “jumper” is commonly used to differentiate between jump shots and layups, which are shots closer to the basket and do not require the shooter to leave his feet.

In basketball, players go with a bare shot that is named as “jump shot.” In this term a player uses mid-jump along with straight jump. Then makes an arc to throw his ball into the basket.

And the interesting thing is, a shooter only needs momentum to push the ball. He is free to save his all forces for other basketball skills.

When executed correctly, the action of a jump shot appears effortless. The shooter may begin jumping from a stationary position or be already in motion before taking the shot. 

In either situation, proper balance and form are necessary to ensure accuracy.


2 Common Types of Jump Shots:

Jump Shot Off The Dribble: 

This is when a player jumps off one foot (usually, they are dominant) while dribbling the ball.

Jump Shot Off The Catch – AKA Spot Up: 

This is when a player uses his momentum from running to elevate for the shot.

How does the Jump Shot Work?

The first thing you should do when taking a jump shot is to prepare your body for it. 

While standing with both feet on the ground, bend your knees slightly and keep them relaxed. 

Your arms should be outstretched straight forward at about shoulder height or slightly higher.

Now it’s time to practice your free throw shooting motion so you can get used to doing it correctly every time. 

how jump shot work

Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and bend your knees slightly to take some of the pressure off them when landing after each jump shot attempt (this also ensures that you won’t fall down).

Keep your elbows locked in place as you bring them up toward chest level while simultaneously releasing the ball from one hand into both hands; do this for each attempt until all attempts have been completed successfully without touching either side of the rim.

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Benefits of a Jump shot

Jump shots are useful for a variety of reasons:

1) They can be used to get shots off from farther away from the basket, making it harder for defenders to block them.

pros of Jumper in basketball

2) They can provide better balance when shooting due to being airborne (as opposed to on one’s feet).

3) They allow players to shoot over taller opponents who may otherwise be able to block them by standing underneath or next to them – this means shorter players like Stephen Curry have an advantage compared with taller ones like LeBron James because Curry has perfected his jump shot!

4) It is much easier for players with less strength than those with more strength because they don’t need as much power behind their shot in order to make it go high enough into the air.

5) It’s possible that jumping while shooting will cause less strain on your knees than standing still would; however if you’re not careful, this could result in injury instead!

How to be a Good Jumper?

How to be a good jumper in basketball

The truth is that anyone can develop themselves into a great jumper. It requires dedication and focus, but it all starts with these steps:

1. Start by focusing on your core strength.

2. Crunches for 6 weeks every day for about 20 minutes to start getting in shape.

3. Stretching before each game and practice.

Final Thoughts 

By now, you should have a good grasp of a basketball jumper and how it can be one of the most versatile shots in basketball. A jump shot’s various components are critical to its success, but the proper elevation is key to jacking up good —even great— jumpers in basketball.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the difference between a jump shot and a set shot?

The jump shot is a shot in which the shooter jumps up in the air, landing on both feet with the ball in shooting position. The set shot is in which the shooter stands still, holds the ball at shoulder level, and shoots. 

  1. How many points is a jumper in basketball?

A jumper is a shot in basketball, usually taken from a medium-range distance. A two-point field goal is awarded for a jumper made from within the three-point line. A three-point field goal is awarded if the player shoots from behind the three-point line.

  1. How do you stepback a jumper?

The step-back jumper is a move used by players who have the ball in their hand(s) and want to create space between themselves and the defender. Players can either drive to the basket or pull up for a jump shot. This can be especially useful at the end of a game when defenders are playing tight on defense and trying not to let you drive to the basket.

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