How to Clean a Basketball in 2022? – An Ultimate Guide 

Do you know your basketball is infected frequently by fatal dirt whenever it touches the ground?

It doesn’t matter whether it’s indoors or outdoor basketball court, with every bounce your basketball touches the dirty and muddy floors. With dirt particles, germs are also settled in the dotted cover.

Oh! not only your ball but also your sports match is at significant risk when you touch the infected ball again.

Apart from health hazards, from an economic point of view, the regular cleaning of your basketball is necessary. Cleaning it regularly protects you from health problems and increases the lifespan of your basketball as well. You can’t afford to buy a new basketball every month because you do not belong to a royal family. So, keep your ball as clean as new.

Do you know how to clean your basketball? To clean your basketball safely, you must learn the techniques. This detailed article explained all the proper methods to clean your basketball.

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Material Used in Manufacturing

The method of cleaning a basketball varies according to the material used to make the basketball. Basketballs are made from rubber, synthetic leather, and natural leather. It’s essential to know about the material of your ball. This knowledge helps you clean your ball carefully and guides you about playing in the proper place.

Rubber basketballs are designed to play on outdoor courts, natural leather basketballs are made for indoor basketball courts, and composite leather basketballs are used on indoor/outdoor courts. So, the cleaning method is different according to the material of basketballs.

Precautions of Cleaning the Basketball

  • Avoid using alcohol-based cleaners
  • Avoid strong detergents to save your basketball from corrosion
  • Don’t use a high-temperature heating dryer any other instrument
  • Don’t soak your basketball directly in water for a considerable duration
  • Avoid cleaning it without knowing the techniques of cleaning

8 Methods of Cleaning the Rubber Basketball

Rubber-made basketballs are very common and available at a low price. Everyone can afford to get this ball, and every basketball lover purchases it in the beginning level.

Cleaning a rubber basketball

Although the rubber basketballs are hard, they get dirty quickly. To clean them is relatively easy than other basketballs. Let’s have a look at the cleaning method of rubber material balls.

1.    Take the necessary things like a bucket, disposable plastic gloves for hands safety, soft toothbrush, mild washing powder, soft cloth, and lukewarm water.

2.    Pour two gallons of lukewarm water into the plastic bucket/bowl.

3.    Add some mild washing powder mix well to make the foam of it.

4.    Sock the soft cloth with the water mixture and scrub the outer cover of the basketball softly to clean the dirt.

5.    Some tough stains of mud don’t remove easily. To clean them, use a soft toothbrush.

6.    Scrub the toothbrush mildly to clean the textured surfaces completely

7.    Rinse it with water to remove the washing powder thoroughly

8.    Use a soft cotton cloth to dry the basketball.

9 Method of Cleaning the Genuine Leather Basketball

Genuine leather balls are most expensive than all, and they need extraordinary care. Don’t soak it into the detergent solution; it can ruin your basketball. It would be best to use natural leather cleaner to clean the natural leather basketball.

Cleaning a leather basketball

The natural cleaner not only cleans your dirty ball but also expands the life span of your expensive basketball.

1.    Take lukewarm water in a bucket and mix the natural leather cleaner in it

2.    Don’t soak the basketball in the water; it can be harmful to the soft leather cover

3.    Use the saddle soap to clean the genuine leather keep it soft as it is.

4.    Don’t use the saddle soap directly on the surface of the leather ball

5.    Pour some saddle soap on a soft cloth and gently rub it on the surface to remove the dirt and stains

6.    After that, wipe the ball slightly with water

7.    In the end, use a dry cloth to soak the wetness

8.    Dry it in a cool and dry covered place

9.    Don’t put it in direct sunshine or any heat.

8 Method of Cleaning the Synthetic leather Basketball

Synthetic leather basketballs are made to use both indoor and outdoor depending on their manufacturing.

Cleaning a synthetic leather basketball

To clean the synthetic leather basketball is somehow needs keen effort.

1.    Make a solution of warm water and detergent

2.    Rinse the basketball with clean water

3.    Dip the soft cloth in detergent solution and rub gently on the surface of the ball

4.    Use a soft toothbrush to remove the stains thoroughly

5.    Some stains are difficult to remove and need extra effort to remove

6.    Use a synthetic leather cleaner to remove tough stains of composite material of basketball

7.    After cleaning it thoroughly, rinse it with clean water

8.    Dry it with the soft cloth

9.    Put it in a cool and dry place to dry it naturally

How to Care of Your Basketball

You should follow the given instructions to take good care of your favorite basketball.

1. Increasing the Longevity:

If you want to expand the longevity and durability of your basketballs, you need to take extra care of your ball. Don’t use an indoor basketball on rigid outdoor surfaces. The concrete surfaces damage the leather of your softer ball.

2. Avoid Sunlight and Fog:

Don’t keep your basketball under direct sunlight. Avoid leaving your ball in an open place during winter. The fog can absorb the pores of the outer cover and might be harmful to your ball. Always store your basketball cool and dry place.

How to Care for a Basketball

3. Polish to Look as New:

After cleaning your basketball, apply some wood polish on the surface to give it a shiny look like a new one.

4. keep it Away From Heat:

Don’t keep your basketball near the heat. Your ball might be shrink due to excessive heat. Heat can damage your basketball and decrease its performance level.

5. Recommended Inflating:

Inflate your ball according to the recommended air pressure to show efficient performance. The over-inflated or under-inflated balls may cause inconsistent bouncing and a lack of firmness to grip them.

6. Alternative Basketballs

It would be best not to use the same basketball in every practice session and match. Don’t use just one ball frequently during whole days of the week. I suggest you buy at least two basketballs and use them alternatively. This technique can easily find the time to clean them one by one on altering days. Your balls last long for month after month. Give them rest to use for a more extended period.


When your ball is dirty and dust is settled down, it becomes greasy and slippery. You can’t grip it firmly, and it affects your performance in the game. You can’t bounce it consistently while dribbling.

To avoid all the problems you must clean your basketball on a regular basis. Cleaning not only increases your performance level but increases the life span of your basketball. Every basketball is its own technique of cleaning. So, follow them carefully to keep your ball safe and sound for the long term.

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