10 Minute Periods Are There In Basketball

How Many 10 Minute Periods Are There In Basketball?

Basketball fans are a remarkable breed. They seem to have the uncanny ability to keep track of the inordinate number of periods indicated by the sport’s name.

‘How many 10-minute periods?’, you ask them. ‘Subdivided into 4 quarters, with 2-minute breaks’, they reply.

You must be thinking, how on earth do they remember these countless incremental divisions?

That’s where I’m here to help, more like a blessing in disguise. 

So basically, giving a brief answer to this question depends on the level of play. For example, at the youth level, there are only 2 10-minute periods per game. At the high school level, there are 4 10-minute periods per game. At the college and professional levels, there are 4 10-minute periods per game.

Basketball is played in four quarters of 10 minutes each. Each team gets two timeouts per half and one timeout during the last 2 minutes of each quarter.

But first, you need to know what the term “periods” in basketball mean.


What Are Basketball Periods?

Basketball periods are the time during the game when the clock stops. The game is divided into four quarters and two halves, with each period lasting between 10-12 minutes.

The NBA uses a 24-second shot clock, while FIBA uses a 30-second shot clock. The shot clock resets after every made basket on offence and when there are 10 seconds or less left on the shot clock (NBA) or 20 seconds or less left on the shot clock (FIBA).

How Many Periods Are There In College Basketball?

If you’re unsure how many periods there are in college basketball, don’t worry — you’re not alone. 

College basketball is divided into two periods of play. Each period is 20 minutes long, and there are 10 minutes between periods. 

The first half has a running clock, but keep your eye on the ball.

Periods In College Basketball

The second half has a game clock that counts down from 40 minutes, though it can be paused when the game goes into overtime.

In the NCAA men’s division I basketball tournament, there are four 12-minute quarters played in each game. Women’s division I basketball has four 10-minute quarters per game.

Total Quarters For A High School Basketball Game

Whether you’re a newbie or not, you might also want to take notes on the number of quarters in a high school basketball game. After all, knowledge is power.

A high school basketball game is 40 minutes long, with 20 minutes in the first half and 20 minutes in the second.

Periods in High School Basketball Game

There are four quarters of 10 minutes in a high school basketball game. A halftime break separates each quarter.

Check this article if you want to know how long is a halftime break in a basketball game.

How Many Quarters Are There In A NBA Game?

Next! The NBA game, you say? People come for basketball. If there’s not an NBA game on TV, do people watch maybe a cooking show? No way! So I had to get this in.

The typical NBA game runs 48 minutes and is divided into 4 quarters. Each quarter lasts 12 minutes, with a 3-minute break halfway through.

The first period is “warm-ups”, where teams go through their plays and prepare for the game. 

The second period occurs when the game is underway and teams have possession of the puck, with each team taking one shot on the basket.

Then there is a half-time break and the third period is when most of the action happens. 

 Finally there’s a fourth period which contains an overtime session if necessary.

The game clock—along with the action on the court—stops when there is a foul, violation of the rules, or an infraction or technical foul. The game clock also stops after a made basket, as well as after some free throws.

How Many 10-minute Periods Are Played in Olympic Basketball Games?

Finally, do you see this last bit? This could be necessary trivia knowledge. The duration of an Olympic basketball game is 40 minutes.

Periods in Olympic Basketball Game

There are four periods in a game, and each period is 10 minutes long. Each team is allowed to make 3 time-outs in a game. If there is overtime, it will be 5 minutes in length.


The game of basketball is played in 10-minute periods. This is a standard that most leagues and tournaments have adopted throughout the world.

Ten-minute periods in basketball play a key role in the game. They help keep the game moving and ensure a certain amount of time between quarter breaks.

Players can rest during this time but must be on their bench during each break. This means they cannot be on the court with the team during any timeouts or free throws.

 The time limits for quarters depend on the type of league you’re playing in. To be specific, a standard quarter lasts 10 minutes.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why does the NBA play 12 minutes?

They play 12 minutes per game because that’s how long it takes for them to get tired out and lose their stamina. Once they lose their stamina, they can’t perform at their peak level anymore, so it makes sense for them to sit down at that point so as not to waste their effort on a lost cause.

2. Did basketball used to have 15 minute quarters?

In 1951, the NBA lengthened games back to 24 minutes per quarter with four 15-minute periods. This remained unchanged until 1967 when the league decided that each period should be 20 minutes long instead of 15 minutes long. This lasted until 1976 when the league returned to 15-minute periods again after players complained about fatigue during games.

3. How many minutes are in a quarter of women’s basketball?

Women’s basketball teams play four quarters, each of which lasts 10 minutes. That makes for 40 minutes per game — half as long as the average men’s game (60).

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