HoopsKing Weighted Basketball Review

My friend Burke shared his experience; he was uncomfortable with 3 lbs. basketballs in his early training days when the coach asked him to move from regular 1.3 pounds to a hefty 3 lbs. ball in his workout.

He shared his worries with the captain and solved Burke’s trouble with HoopsKing’s 2.75 lbs. weighted basketball for shooting. He accomplished this and was amazed to see the results.

It improved his basketball skills, empowered his muscles, and strengthened his grip on regular basketball.

Later, he became more confident in using 3 lbs. basketball in regular exercises. At the same time, he earned a badge for his excellent performance in his basketball league.

Let’s figure out how Burke got the benefits of HoopsKing basketball.

HoopsKing Weighted Basketball
  • Color: Black
  • Material: Rubber
  • Age Recommendation: Unisex adults
  • Weight: 1.28 Kilograms
  • Size: 28.5 inches (women) and 29.5 inches (men)
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 9.02 x 8.58 x 4.53 inches

Best Selling Points Of HoopsKing Weighted Basketball

  • Versatile training tool that improves strength and muscle memory
  • Enhances dribbling and shooting
  • Trusted brand with durable construction
  • Comes in multiple weights
  • Easy to use

The Backend Story of 2.75 lbs.

When trainers ended their training with regular basketballs, they felt the need for less weighted basketball to work their arms and abs. At the same time, Hoopsking realized that other balls in the market were either too heavy, like 6 Pounds Spalding TF- Trainer, or lightweight, like regular 1.3 pounds Wilson basketballs.

Users find it more comfortable than the custom basketballs. Thus the demand for this balanced training basketball started increasing day after day. Thus the story of 2.75 lbs. began and continues its journey with treasure.

Specifications of Hoopsking Weighted Basketball

Let me uncover the secret of two different versions of Hoopsking basketballs for both men and women.

The story behind the 2.75 lbs. ball is to comfort the women because the 3 lbs ball was too heavy to handle to them. Later, teenagers and men began using it rather than the direct approach from 1.3 to 3 pounds. Thus, Hoopsking alleviates every basketball player according to their choice.

Pro Tip: You can prefer the comforting size as most gutless players do with the Hoopsking basketball. 

And again, you have to remember that other brands lack 2.75 pounds in their basketballs, so Hoopsking is superior to them for providing less weighted basketballs. 

Unisex Weighted Basketball

Its weight is 2.75- 3 lbs. 2.75 for women because their sensitive skin wants less weighty basketball. 

However, it gives them the confidence to handle regular basketball in official matches easily.

On the other hand, 3-pound Hoopsking basketball is built-up for men to empower their arms and wrists. 

In addition, it helps them dribble the ball with authority and control it efficiently so that defenders can’t take it far away.

At the same time,

Our fresh basketball players need something easy-to-handle because they want to jump towards less weighty but chubby basketball due to the fear of damage with heavier basketballs. 

Also, they can go with 2.75 before trying 3-6 lbs. 

It decreases their fear of weight and injuries and takes their rebounding skills to another level.

Soft Material Saves From Injuries

Like its siblings and cousins, it is made of rubber. (Wow! Another good feature for you) 

Rubber makes it soft and protects you from injuries compared to leather basketballs. 

Also, this rubber-made weighted basketball can make your dribbling, passing, and shooting more professional. 

Sowhat are you waiting for?

Better Bounce—Good Ball Handling

Hoopsking basketball’s rubber material and weighty bounce is better than the leather basketballs (XEDGE composite leather street basketball, Wilson NCAA, and Spalding ZI/O basketball). 

Thus, it helps you to play in a ventilated place by giving you consistent bounce. Playing on driveways and outdoor basketball courts is a plus where many basketballs cannot compete with rough driveway surfaces. 

Thus it is your faithful companion on ragged floors.

A Ball For Whole Family At A Reasonable Price

Do you want the same ball for your son, daughter, and husband to create a bond between them? Of course, you want! 

Okay, let me reveal that Hoopsking weighted basketball for shooting starts between $37-$40 on Amazon with free return for exchange in size and color.

On the other hand, different eCommerce stores may have different prices.

In short, you can buy any size from the chart according to your preference. Thus, you can gift it to decrease the age gaps between you and your close ones.

A Truth About Its Structure

My CHUMS! I am disclosing the truth about the structure of my favorite basketball. 

I noticed that the ball remained in its original condition for two weeks of my training. As usual, I inflated it for more drills. Unfortunately, it became warped and formed a lump. 

Though that was not a big deal for me, I had another ball to replace it and give it to my pet to play with. It is more exciting to become a partner with your pet.

Hoopsking Durability

Honestly, Hoopsking basketball is less enduring than its competitors (Wilson Evolution, Spalding TF- Trainer, and SKLZ weighted basketball for dribbling) because its rubber material becomes lopsided after a few drills. 

In reverse, its smaller durability is a blessing for those who are habitual to replacing their basketball after some time. 

Accordingly, you can satisfy your picky and inconsistent nature about useable material.


  • It has a basketball training DVD.
  • Increases the speed of your hands
  • Valid for all ages.
  • It swipes your disappointment with other basketballs.
  • Adds a clear increment in your range.


  • It becomes lopsided after consistent drills.
  • Some packages are without training DVDs.

Alternatives of Hoopsking Weighted Basketball For Shooting

Presenting you some useful alternatives for HoopsKing Weighted Basketball for shooting below.


Wilson Evolution Game Basketball

Wilson Evolution is the best ball if you have a good amount to spend on long-lasting basketball because it is an official brand of the NBA. Also, it has a firm grip, excellent quality, and stable features to last more than twelve months.

Editor’s Choice
SKLZ Control Training Basketball

SKLZ Weighted Basketball

SKLZ basketball is the better alternative if your teenager wants to move to a more minor but weighted basketball to improve their handling and range. After your regular workout, it helps in quick burning out.

Let’s Wrap Up The Story of Hoopsking Weighted Basketball For Shooting

Who is there to dislike the ball for each gender with an age backpack? I am sure no one will deny the benefits of this weighted basketball for shooting, dribbling, and passing for men and women. 

MY Mindful Friends! When will you go to place an order for this multi-beneficial basketball? 

WELL! I have positive vibes about your decision. 

Are my sentiments accurate? Let me know in the comment section with a fresh picture of your new Hoopsking basketball.


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Top Reviews From The United States

“These 7th graders are getting life lessons right now on passing and catching!!! LOL These balls are extremely helpful for skill and character-building exercises! They are of good quality, and I think we are gaining strength every day. I would recommend to any team having issues with a few basics.”
– February 2, 2023

“This has been huge improving my daughter’s Arch on her Shot. Her range has improved also. One person found this helpful.”
– August 14, 2022

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why do players use a weighted basketball?

    A weighted basketball helps you to improve your gaming skills. Your body language and handling the ball, passing, and shooting with a regular basketball, become more effective and convincing. After consistent drills with a weighted basketball, the regular ball feels like a feather in your hands.

  2. How is it beneficial to shoot with a heavy basketball?

    When you turn towards a weighted basketball in your regular drills, it empowers your muscles, arms, and fingers. Along with it polishes your passing, shooting, and dribbling skills. By practicing with a weighted basketball, you will feel strong enough to play better with regular basketball during tournaments.

  3. How is basketball dribbling beneficial?

    Dribbling helps you handle the ball by creating a distance between you and your defender and moving it toward the hoop. In other words, ball-handling is called dribbling, and the ball-handling player is called a ball-handler. 

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