What Is The Hardest Position In Basketball?

You’re playing basketball, about to shoot a three-pointer, when all at once—a light bulb goes off in your head. 

You think, “What’s the hardest position on the court?” Do You believe center, right? They have to deal with everything. 

But it’s not like that!

The toughest position in basketball is the point guard. It requires a special combination of shooting, passing, dribbling, rebounding and defense. They are the coach’s eyes and ears on the floor. 

They must know the playbook inside and out, while also being able to see what is happening on the defensive end of the floor.


What Is The Point Of a Point Guard?

Point guards are not the team’s scorers but are not mere passers. 

Instead, they must be able to control the flow of play. They need to know what is happening around them and make decisions based on the actions of their opponents.

They’re the quarterback of the team. They need to be quick, agile and strong on defense, able to block shots and steal passes without fouling. 

It’s a demanding position that requires players to do so much at once.

Why Is the Point Guard the Hardest Position in Basketball?

It’s a position that requires high levels of intelligence, creativity, toughness and leadership.

The point guard is the leader on the floor and sets the tone for his team by controlling the pace of a game and making decisions for his team.

Point Guard Position

Point guards often set up their teammates for scoring opportunities, but they also score themselves when necessary. These players also run an efficient offense that values possessions and uses them wisely without turning the ball over.

The job description of a point guard is arguably more complicated than any other position in sports.

What Skills Must a Point Guard Possess?

If you’ve been put in charge of your team’s point guard, but have no idea what you’re supposed to do, take a deep breath. Luckily, these skills will ensure that you become the best point guard your team has ever seen.

1. Ball Handling:

The most important skill for a point guard is ball handling. Ball handling means that you have excellent control over the ball and can control its speed and direction at any given time, allowing you to dictate the tempo of the game and maintain possession of the ball at all times.

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2. Passing:

As a point guard, you need to be able to see the floor and make all of your teammates’ lives easier. This can be accomplished by making accurate passes, even under pressure, in order to take advantage of defensive mistakes made by your opponents.

3. Defense:

Like other players, point guards should be able to deliver nothing but defense. They should be able to guard the ball with snappy steals and dribbling. They need to play tight without fouling so that their opponents don’t start complaining about the tickling.

4. Develop Great Court Vision:

A good point guard makes smart passes and doesn’t force the ball into double teams or tight coverage. It requires outstanding court vision, which can be improved with practice.

5. Leadership Skills:

It takes a leader to lead, and basketball point guards must be that leader when it comes. They must have well-developed leadership skills to keep everyone on the same page.

6. Communicating With Other Players:

A point guard needs to be able to communicate with teammates, keep them focused on the game, and help them play their positions effectively.

7. Making Decisions Under Pressure:

There’s a reason the point guard is called the “coach on the floor.” They must keep calm and make good decisions under stress. But too much pressure can be unhealthy, so the rest of the team needs to step up as well.

8. Rebounding:

Point guards—who are typically the shortest players on the court—often rebound against taller opponents, thereby gaining possession and beginning fast breaks that lead to easy baskets.

9. Quickness And Agility:

The point guard’s quick feet allow him to read plays, accelerate into breaks and get passes off to create scoring opportunities for his teammates.

10. Create Scoring Opportunities:

Point guards are expected to create scoring opportunities for the team and are often required to be the facilitator of the team’s offense. 

11. Shooting Ability:

Point guards need to be able to get buckets, but they should also be able to recognize and understand how a team can score.

12. Excellent Basketball IQs:

Point guards need to have a high basketball IQ. They need to know where everyone is and what’s about to happen next. They have to make split-second decisions about when to pass and when to shoot, who to guard, and more.

Final Verdict

The best point guards in the NBA have become masters at managing all these challenges. If a player can master this position on the floor, he can succeed anywhere else on the court.

Tell me which position you play for your team and which position is the most difficult according to you. I would love to hear your takeaway. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Who is the most important player on the basketball team?

The answer is simple: point guard. The point guard is the player who initiates a team’s offensive attack and often handles the ball for the majority of each possession. 

  1. What is the most effective position in basketball?

According to my research, the most effective position in basketball is the center. The center usually stands near the basket and gets rebounds. They are required to have height and to be able to jump high.

  1. What is the best height for a point guard?

Most coaches go with a 6’0’’-6’2’’ PG. The smaller ones are typically faster and have better ball handling skills, while the taller ones have a good advantage over their shorter counterparts.

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