Gosports Splash Hoop Pro Review

Gosports Splash Hoop Pro: An In-Depth Review 2022

You are tired of getting bored at pool parties and you hate spending time flipping over barrels or doing laps. So you thought to yourself, “I’m going to buy the GOSPORTS Splash Hoop Pro! because your next door neighbor can’t stop talking about it.

Well, let me break it to you: No more pool parties will be boring  because this hoop can turn any pool into a place of excitement, fun, and play.

The Gosport can do more than just fancy bounce. This portable basketball hoop features a folding design that eliminates the need for a permanent installation. The tough backboard can really take a beating, and the slam-dunking rim is a crowd pleaser.

Gosports Splash basketball Hoop Pro

Gosports Splash Hoop Pro Review

1. Best Selling Feature’s of GoSports Splash Hoop

Splash Hoop PRO is perfect for your backyard pool parties, family reunions and holiday celebrations! The hoop’s all-weather design makes it rugged enough for outside use. Some other amazing features include:

  • Easy To Assemble: This pool basketball game is easy to assemble with a quick-release frame that easily attaches to the pool deck and sets up in under 5 minutes with just a few turns of a screwdriver.
  • Modern Design: The Splashy Pole features a waterproof backboard with a foam rim, constructed from rustproof, durable PVC material. The splash-proof pole also features a drip-resistant telescoping design with a powder coat finish.
  • Sturdiness: The build quality of the Splash Hoop Pro is top notch. The base has a sturdy feel to it, and the pole that holds the hoop in place is arguably even sturdier. I have no doubt that this could handle a lot of dunking, should you be so inclined to do so. 
  • Water Weighted Base: The Gosports Splash Hoop is weighted with water, so you can play solo without having to worry about your hoop moving around. It can hold up to 26 gallons of water—just fill the base as full or as empty as desired to adjust the hoop’s weight. You can use this pool basketball hoop on just about any surface, from grass to concrete, thanks to its base.
gosports splash hoop pro swimming pool basketball

2. Product Description

This basketball hoop has everything you need to get your game started, including two inflatable balls and a pump, a base weighted with water and a backboard with rim. Following aspects include:

Suggested UsersUnisex – Teen

3. GoSports Splash Hoop Pro Sizing

This hoop is just the right size to fit in your backyard, and the balls are not too big to be unwieldy.

  • Blackboard:  31inch x 23 inch 
  • Rim: 14 inch
  • Basketball Size: 7

Why Is A GoSports Splash Hoop Pro The Best Basketball Hoop Around?

I’ll be the first to admit that the Splash Hoop Pro can’t compete with a full-sized, in-ground basketball hoop when it comes to stability. But I’m also confident that it’s by far the most stable portable basketball hoop on the market — just take a look at the Amazon reviews!

Unlike other hoops, the Splash Hoop Pro has a sturdy base that holds up to 26 gallons of water or sand. You won’t have to worry about it tipping over mid-dunk!

Review of Gosports Splash Hoop Pro

But wait, there’s more! The Splash Hoop Pro is easy to assemble in just minutes, so you can set it up whenever you want and put it away when you’re done. Unlike some other hoops, that probably takes an eternity to set up and spoils your mood.

The Splash Hoop Pro also comes with a Lifetime Warranty on the hoop and one-year warranty on the net and pump.

Buyer’s Point Of View

The Splash Pro Hoop defies the odds, overcoming a long list of potential problems. But if you want to know more, here’s a brief pros and cons list:

  • Made from high-quality materials
  • Comes with a sturdy base for stability
  • Includes to balls and a pump
  • Great play for all ages
  • Easy to set up
  • Can’t guarantee that you will receive basketballs without defects

Alternatives To Gosports Splash Hoop Pro

If you want something more inflatable then the following are the alternatives to GoSports Splash Hoop Pro:

1. GoSports Splash Hoop Elite

GoSports Splash Hoop Elite $249.42 on Amazon

GoSports Splash Hoop Elite

It is an inflatable pool hoop basketball set. It includes a floating pool hoop and dunking ball, a pump and a storage bag. This inflatable basketball hoop features a shatter-proof backboard, a spring-action breakaway rim, and an all weather net. But it’s quite expensive,$355.42.

2. EP EXERCISE N PLAY Poolside Hoop

EP EXERCISE N PLAY Hoop $99 on Amazon


It is a wall-mounted, poolside basketball hoop. The hoop is made of sturdy material and stands up to daily use by multiple players. Comes with two balls, hoop, and a pump and it’s way cheap only for $99, but I can’t promise for the quality.

Here’s an overview of the GoSports Splash Hoop pro, all the features it provides you with!

Final Verdict:-

The Splash Hoop Pro is a great product, and I highly recommend it. The price may seem high compared to other floating hoops on the market, but I believe that you get what you pay for in this case. The quality of the materials used in manufacturing is excellent and the overall design of the product is very innovative.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What size is the pool hoop basketball?

Pool basketball hoops are much smaller than standard basketball hoops. A typical poolside basketball hoop is about 31 inches tall and 18 inches wide, with a rim diameter of 9 inches and a backboard made of plastic or acrylic.

  1. What is the best Floating pool basketball hoop?

Overall, the Gosports Splash Hoop Pro lands on top of the choice with its 4.8/5 rating.It’s a portable  basketball hoop that attaches to your pool. It’s got a ball and pump, so you won’t need to buy anything else. It’s fun for all ages and can be used inside or outside.

  1. Which is better: sand or water for basketball hoops?

You can use sand or water to fill up your basketball hoop. If you are an adult and you want it to be heavy and unmovable, then you should use sand. However, if you are a kid, then water is better, because if it tips over, there isn’t that much weight for the glass backboard to shatter into.

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