GlowCity Glow In The Dark LED Basketball Review

Did GlowCity glowing in the dark LED basketball review improve our sight for nighttime playing? Of course, it did so. But how?

A year back, I had a game with my friend once a week. But near the tournaments, we decided to buy GlowCity glow-in-the-dark LED basketball to extend our playing time. Contrary to my expectations, the ball did a commendable job considering our night purposes. Further, it lit up as expected, having an energetic bounce.

Before, we feed it with air (BTW, the air is the favorite food of basketballs). Later, it filled our night with joy and became our permanent working tool of night. Then, the fun began! However, we avoid using it in daytime drills as it gives more happiness with its light glow.

Aside from that, it’s time to dive into the sea of its usefulness. Let’s comprehend my experience with it.

glow city youth basketball
  • Color: Orange
  • Material: Rubber
  • Age Recommendation: Youth
  • Weight: 1.41 pounds (for 7)
  • Size: 1 (6″), 5 (27.5″), 6 (28.5″), 7 (29.5″)

Best Selling Points Of GlowCity Glow In The Dark LED Basketball

  • Vibrant glow, perfect for nighttime games
  • Built to withstand tough playing conditions
  • Meets standard basketball size and weight requirements
  • Convenient and straightforward battery replacement process
  • The perfect present for basketball enthusiasts of all ages, combining fun and functionality!

GlowCity Glowing In The Dark LED Basketball – My Experience

First of all, I found it manageable, like a regular basketball. Also, its replaceable batteries made me more comfortable with the ball. Side-by-side, I experienced two light bulbs to give pleasant brightness to my eyes. Earlier, I underestimated this ball – admitting it with no shame.

Like, it was so easy to handle, like a breeze. And most importantly, the manufacturer gave me two replaceable batteries with light bulbs, and I perfectly sensed that it would help me when there was a battery replacement time.

LED Bright Lights Survive Till Long Hours

Sometimes, it is challenging to Manage our recreation with regular chores. Many of us must remember to replace our basketball batteries and get busy with other tasks. Consequently, the need for a long-lasting light-up ball raises exponentially.

For this reason, this product comes with a Lit-up ability for up to 30 hours. The 30 hours of lightning duration seems like a big claim by the manufacturer. I have experienced with this ball that it lit up to 8-9 hours, and then you need to replace the batteries.

Despite it, exceptionally glowing lights are not something to ignore. That’s why this should be the primary purpose of buying this ball. Right?

One Bounce Makes The Lights Glow


Your friend gives you a brand new light-up basketball to carry and leaves you alone on the low-lighted court. You wait for him for 5 minutes, then decide to be a friend with that ball. Unfortunately, it stops you due to unawareness about managing its light functionality.

Suddenly, you bounce the ball on the floor and are amazed to see its automatic brightness. Now, the ball is an excellent mate to you in the dark sole court. How does that sound to you?

Honestly, a few years back, it happened to me. Then I experienced how a lone person can overcome his boredom by holding a ball like a firefly in his hands. Agree?

When discussing glowing basketballs, GlowCity glow-in-the-dark basketball reserves all rights. But why?

My Chums, its automatic lights glow on your single bounce. Thus you can save your energy from the hassle of pushing buttons. Also, it serves you by turning its lights off when the ball is idle for 40 seconds. 

A Pro Tip: It is a plus point for retentive who forget to turn the lights off at night (BTW, I am also one of them).

Helps You To Test New Balls

We always prefer stable things and never hesitate to pay high for their durability. In that case, GlowCity’s LED ball is a blessing for us as we prefer quality over quantity.

Though the ball does not make you bored by forcing you to repeat the same ball for many years, it is worth your money to provide secure LED lights under a rubber layer ( TBH, I got five more basketballs due to this feature).

You don’t have to worry about different basketballs for different floors anymore. Its short life enables you to try new basketballs in most games. Thus, you can satisfy your fickle nature about functional stuff.

Ready-To-Play Play Set-Up

The ball comes in a plastic wrapping with a ready-to-play setup. It saves your time by the aggravation of unpacking a hollow ball and then preparing it entirely before playing. More so, it has an instruction paper that makes ball management more feasible for new players or people with less experience in basketball tool management.

And again, its hook tool performs as a servant to place or replace the batteries in it. 

In short, the ready-to-play GlowCity basketball saves you 15 minutes by gathering all accessories to make the ball more useful—all you have to do is unwrap and air it. Later, it brightens your nights and refreshes your hectic mindset.

A Slam Dunk For Gaming Occasions

No matter whether you are planning to spend some time with your basketball on Easter or want to enjoy your night gaming on Christmas. GlowCity glow basketball is the pure slam dunk for your special occasions recreating.

But the ball loses its black paint while refreshing your mind along with improving body skills. But I don’t bother with it because night courts are darker than the black stripes. So the ball seems comfortable before the darkness of night. Regardless, that is an impressive ball for night owls with extraordinary benefits.

Get ready to get a bird’s eye view of the pros and cons of this amazing basketball now!


  • Has replaceable batteries
  • Usable for unisex of each age group
  • Giftable on birthdays and Christmas
  • Compatible for dark outdoor courts
  • Bounces like a regular basketball


  • Lights become dim after a few uses
  • A little bit hard to inflate than its siblings

Tips to Use GlowCity Glow Basketball

Well! For basketball lovers, having a bright rubber ball to play with at night is a blessing so that they can save themselves from injuries. Yet, I am more comfortable sharing glow city basketball instructions with MY CHUMS. Are you ready? Let’s figure it out.

  • When you unpack the ball, inflate the air before playing with it.
  • The lights shut off after 40 seconds of inactivity. So keep activating your ball in the dark to avoid losing it.
  • Black lines begin to fade after consistent use. That’s why prepare yourself to have your ball without strings after some exercises.

What Makes It Better Than Its Sibling GlowCity LED Size 6 Basketball?

GlowCity size 6 (28.5) basketball is suitable for teens but smaller for adults. While GlowCity is glowing in the dark, basketball size 7 fits each age group well.

Moreover, GlowCity size 6 has less bounce than GlowCity Glow 29.5 basketball. In addition, size 6 is heavier than a standard basketball. But the 29.5 ball feels as same as the standard ball. In short, the size 6 is more for its looks than the functions.

A Plus of GlowCity Customer Service

The greatest thing to mention here is the customer care services of GlowCity. I found a ball with incapable batteries. I then contacted customer care to see if they could solve my problem.

But MY FRIENDS, I was surprised to receive two sets of batteries from the company. It is incredible to have such excellent customer care services in this era when most brands lack them. This positive aspect of GlowCity will make you more confident in purchasing.

Which Glowing Basketballs Can Replace GlowCity Glow And Why?

Gear up My Friends! Now is the time to discover various options that offer outstanding functionality along with the beauty of illumination to upgrade your nighttime play. In no time, your are going to see the alternatives of glowing basketballs and uncover the perfect match for your needs and preferences.

OMOTIYA Light Up LED Basketball

OMOTIYA Light Up LED Basketball

Introducing the OMOTIYA Light-Up Basketball: Your Ultimate Game-Changer!

Ditch the hassle of managing your basketball with Glowcity’s missing wrench. Discover the perfect alternative in OMOTIYAL, a vibrant, glowing red basketball that offers:

All-in-one set: Pump, twist & air-filling manual
60-sec glow: Great for short breaks
Skill booster: Affordable & improves agility

While OMOTIYAL offers a slightly lower bounce than GlowCity, it’s still the go-to choice for a fun, eye-catching, and convenient basketball experience. Elevate your game with OMOTIYAL Light-Up Basketball today!

Editor’s Choice
NIGHTMATCH Premium LED Light Up Basketball

NIGHTMATCH Light Up LED Basketball

Discover the NightMatch LED Basketball!
Waterproof Brilliance for Passionate Players!

Sweat-resistant: Smooth play experience
Size 7: Ideal for students & pros
GlowCity: Longer battery & stable inflation

Elevate your game with NightMatch LED Basketball & experience the difference!

Final Verdict

The GlowCity glow-in-the-dark LED basketball undoubtedly stands as a dependable and cherished companion for nocturnal players. As long as you have a pump to inflate it, the ball delivers a smooth and gratifying playing experience once properly filled. So, for those seeking an exceptional choice for their nighttime games, look no further than this glowing basketball to illuminate your passion for the sport.

A Dream Basketball For Millions Users – Including Kids

Although it may not glow in the dark as initially expected, this battery-operated basketball still performs exceptionally well. It comes with multiple batteries and a tool for easy battery replacement. The lights automatically shut off after a minute of inactivity, conserving energy while providing a bright glow during play. Watching an evening pick-up game with this vibrant ball is a captivating experience, making it worth trying out.

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