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How to Shoot Floaters Like Steph Curry

When basketball fans watch a game, they’re certain to hear the word “floater” at least once.

And this may have you wondering what a floater shot is?

In this article, I will reveal to you what a floater shot is and how some of the greatest basketball players have mastered this unique shot.


What is the Meaning of a Floater in Basketball

Floating is a famous shot in the game of basketball.

A floater is a bullet that stays true to its name, a shot taken near the basket that allows the ball to arc in mid-air over an incoming defender.

As you can see, the floater requires a little bit more creativity than your standard layup. Players who can master this shot style will have an advantage on offense, especially when facing off against heftier defenders.

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According to former basketball coach “floater is any shot that appears to be going in when it’s ‘floating’ towards the basket.”

How to Shoot a Floater in Basketball?

Learning to master the floater shot in basketball is an important skill to have in your arsenal. The move can be challenging to master at first, but with practice, you’ll be able to use it effortlessly in game situations.

To shoot a floater in basketball, you should:

floater in nba

Step 1: Get the ball in your shooting hand and make sure your guide hand is touching the side of the ball.

Step 2: Keep your shooting elbow tucked tightly into your body.

Step 3: If someone is guarding you, fake right and then go left to get past them before taking your shot.

Step 4: When you take a shot, your guide hand should be under the ball, and your shooting hand should be on top.

Step 5: Start with your arms outstretched and bring them down slowly as you shoot to give it an arc that helps it “float” over any defenders between you and the basket.

Step 6: Once you’re at the highest jump point, release the ball at about eye level. Make sure to follow through with your shot.

If you follow these instructions carefully, you’ll find that you can score more points using this unique technique!

Check out the video below to see it in action.

5 Ways to Maximize the Effectiveness of a Floater Shot

The floater shot is a handy tool to have in basketball because it allows you to shoot over taller players, and you can use it from almost anywhere on the court.

Here are some ways to maximize your effectiveness with a floater shot.

  1. Practice your floater from multiple angles and positions on the court
  2.  Look for players who can block out and set screens for offensive players.
  3.  Work on your footwork so you can use it to create space for your shot
  4.  Shoot with backspin so that it falls softly into the basket
  5.  If a player blocks you from behind and you’re going to attempt a layup, try getting up high. The higher you go, the less chance he can block your shot.

Comparison Between One-Foot and Two-Feet Floaters

One-foot floaters are shot during a player’s jump. 

This is often done to avoid a block. When shooting a one-foot floater, the player will typically be on one foot while in the air, and they will shoot with that same foot while landing on both feet.

Two-foot floaters are shot after a player has been blocked from their jump shot attempt. 

In this case, the player will land on both feet and then shoot with both feet before jumping back up into the air for another attempt at a jump shot.

One-foot floaters are often referred to as “jump shots” or “floating jumpers,” whereas two-foot floaters are often referred to as “running jumpers” or “reverse layups.”

Final Thoughts 

Once you figure out how to shoot floaters, you’ll have figured out a precious fundamental shot in basketball. 

Floaters are also great because you can take them from anywhere on the court, making them a perfect option for teams that need to get up more shots. 

A good floater is often unstoppable, so it will be tough for opponents to defend you once you know how to shoot them. 

Only then will you be able to hit like Steph Curry.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the difference between a runner and a floater?

A runner is a player who is the best at running past players to get the ball and get it to other players or shoot it. A floater is a shot that goes up high and floats into the basket instead of just shooting straight into it.

  1. Is the floater a layup?

No, it’s not a layup. The floater is an in-between shot between a layup and a jump shot. It’s typically taken when moving towards the basket and in traffic, but with too much distance to comfortably perform a layup.

  1. Is the floater a high percentage shot?

The floater is a high percentage shot in basketball. If a player has no other choice, he will do it, but this is not the ideal solution. Do not be satisfied with this if you have the possibility of throwing regular shots. It is necessary to shoot accurately in the basket to get points – 2 or 3, depending on where you are on the pitch.

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