Do Basketball Players Shave Their Legs? Surprising Answer!

Are you wondering about the baby smooth legs of basketball players? And you assume basketball players shave their legs?

Then you are thinking correctly; because most of them do.

But does it give them an advantage?

Well, Being a professional basketball player, I claim that it is beneficial.

Like me, most basketball players shave their legs for making themselves hygienic. Even, some players believe that their shaved legs make them more elegant and snug.

Now, I am going to give you a brief about ballers shaving legs.

So, hold your horses and join me in this article to know more about why basketball players shave their legs.

Let’s get started!

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Why do Male Basketball Players Shave Their Legs?

As you know that female basketballers shave their legs to look good and feel confident.

On the other hand, why do male basketball players shave their legs?

Let me answer you!

Just like every player has a different shooting style, leg-shaving habits also vary from person to person. Some do it for making themselves hygienic, while others believe it makes them quicker.

If we look at NBA players, most of them have hairy legs. So, not all Bball players need to shave their legs. 

But yeah! there is no rule for leg shaving rather than it is players’ personal choice. Some do it for speed, while others do it for hygiene. 

Whatever the reason is, we respect their decision.

Which Benefits Do Basketball Players Get By Shaving Their Legs?

Well, I experienced several benefits of removing my leg hair. Let me reveal those benefits.

Benefits of shaving leg

1. Players Can Indicate Leg Muscles

Uhhh, every athlete has something to show their fans. If we talk about NBA players, they tend to show their muscles. 

While some would boast about their height, others are interested in displaying their excellent muscle definition.

However, most basketball players assume their leg muscles are integral. And with hairy legs, revealing leg muscles is difficult. That’s why they shave to reveal their athletic impression.

2. Shaving Makes Players’ Legs Look Slimmer

Yup, it’s true! When you shave your legs, they look slimmer than before. 

If you have chubby legs, then shaving will do wonders for you. It will make your legs look toned and lean.

As we all know, skimming good conducts to feeling good. And when you sense fine, you play nicely.

3. Players Show Their Tattoos

We observe most of the NBA players having tattoos on their arms. But only a few of them have leg tattoos.

Do you know why?

NBA players having tattoos

It’s because displaying leg tattoos is only possible when you shave your legs. Therefore, some players get inked on their legs too.

4. Reduces Friction Against Opponents

When two players are trying to steal the ball, their legs contact each other. 

In such a case, friction can cause skin aggravation. However, shaving reduces the side effects of friction. 

When players shave their legs, there will be minor friction and, thus, fewer chances of skin irritation.

5. Reduces The Risk Of Infections

If you play basketball regularly, you must have experienced several cuts and bruises on your legs. 

When these open wounds come in contact with bacteria, they get infected.

Like you, other Bball players also face the same problem. Because the hair follicles can trap bacteria.

Thus, shaving their legs can diminish the risk of infection. So, they bother to shave their legs before playing basketball.

6. Helps In The Healing Process

When athletes shave their legs, the hair follicles are removed along with the hair. This makes your wounds heal painlessly.

7. Makes Players’ Legs Look Aesthetic

No one wants to display his hairy legs in public. It irritates them and decreases their fan following too. 

They have the only solution in shaving their legs to make their legs aesthetic and presentable.

8. Makes The Players’ Legs Look Younger

Our legs start to look old due to hair growth as we age. Shaving our legs can make us look younger and more attractive in a crowd.

Younger Legs

9. Reduces The Side Effects Of Dirt And Sweat

Being sweaty while playing basketball is undeniable. And when you sweat, the dirt and grime from your legs can cause skin problems.

Moreover, sweat harms players’ legs in two ways. 

First, it causes skin irritation. 

Second, the bacteria present in sweat can cause infections. 

So, NBA players shave their legs to save them from the dirt side effects of basketball courts.

10. Improves Blood Circulation

Our hearts feel a bit difficult to pump blood to our legs during workouts. As a result, our legs feel cold and numb.

But wait!

Did you know that shaving body hair can improve blood circulation?

Yes, it’s true! The dead skin cells are also removed when you shave your body hair. 

This increases the flow of fresh blood to the legs and thus, improves the circulation of pro players.

11. Reduces Ingrown Hair

Though hair has its roots in the skin, they usually grow out of it. But sometimes, they can grow back into the skin.

This condition is known as ingrown hair.

Including me, all Bballers who shave their legs oftentimes save themselves from this trouble.

12. Hygienic Practice

Last but not least, shaving your legs is a hygienic approach. It resists bacteria and fungi to grow.

Moreover, it also helps in preventing foul odor. That’s why, to maintain good hygiene, players should shave their legs regularly.

4 Steps Process to Shave Your Legs As a Basketball Player

Ding ding! It’s time to share my formula for hair removal. Are you excited to know? Let’s figure out:

Step 1: 

Remove the oil and dirt from your legs with soap and water .

Step 2: 

Second, Apply shaving cream or gel on your legs.

Step 3:

Third, Use a sharp razor to shave your hair in the direction of growth.

Step 4: 

Last but not least, Rinse your legs with cold water and apply lotion or moisturizer.

Pro Tip: You can use sunscreen to protect your legs from the sun. Also, use after shave balm.

Now you know how to shave your legs like a basketball player. So, try my methods! 

I’m sure you’ll love the results.

Common Mistakes Players Do While Shaving Their Legs

In my early shaving days, I commit some mistakes that harm me on an extreme level.

I want to preserve you from repeating those mistakes and getting harm to your body. That’s why sharing some common mistakes that players make while shaving their legs:

1. Not Exfoliating Beforehand 

It is one of the cardinal sins of shaving. 

When you don’t exfoliate your skin before shaving, the hair gets trapped under the dead skin cells. As a result, you will face razor bumps.

To avoid this problem, you should flake your skin before shaving. For this purpose, you can use a loofah or sugar scrub.

2. Shaving Without Lubrication

Never shave your legs without applying shaving cream or gel. The razor drags on your skin and makes it dry when you do so.

It can also lead to razor burns and ingrown hairs. So, always use shaving cream or gel before shaving your legs.

3. Avoid Using A Sharp Razor

Most players avoid using a sharp razor and get cuts on their legs. Therefore be careful with the razor.

Always use a sharp razor to avoid cuts and nicks. If you don’t have a sharp razor, replace it with a new one.

4. Using A Dirty Razor 

A dirty razor can lead to infections. So, clean your razor after each use. You can soak it in rubbing alcohol or vinegar for 10 minutes.

5. Shaving Against The Roots

It can lead to razor bumps and ingrown hairs. So, always shave in the right direction for reducing hair growth.

6. Applying Too Much Pressure 

When you apply too much pressure while shaving, it can lead to cuts and nicks. So, always use light strokes while shaving.

Avoid these common mistakes to get the best results.


Shaving your legs has many benefits. It helps in reducing drag, prevents ingrown hair, and is a hygienic practice. 

So, if you play basketball, you should consider splintering your legs. Avoid common mistakes while shaving your legs to get the best results.

I hope you enjoyed this article. If so, then convey it to your basketballer friends.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do athletes shave their legs?

Shaving your leg hair is now a common practice among athletes. Most athletes shave their legs for performing better. 

Studies have shown that shaving your legs can reduce drag and increase speed.

  1. Why don’t basketball players shave their armpits?

Though, shaving your body hair have a lot of downsides. For example, a razor burn could throw off a player’s shot as a cut. 

Moreover, shaving your armpits could also lead to a foul odor. That’s why basketball players don’t shave their armpits.

  1. Do athletes shave their arms and legs?

Most people assume that all athletes shave their arms and legs, but that’s not true.

In fact, there are a lot of athletes who don’t shave their body hair.

For example, tennis player Rafael Nadal is known for his hairy legs. Similarly, football player Troy Polamalu also has hairy legs.

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