Cipton Glow In The Dark Basketball Review

Having the Cipton glow basketball to play at night is such a gift. Why am I claiming it? Because it not only gives you an optimistic basketball view. It also enhances your gaming skills. And, the fun had doubled when you came to know that the basketball is giftable to enhance the love of your close ones for you.

Further, I am determined to add more value to your playing time with its hidden benefits.

Let’s dive into its characteristics.

  • Color: Orange 
  • Material: Rubber
  • Age Recommendation: Unisex grown-ups
  • Package Dimensions (L x W x H): 11.9″ x 5.5″ x 1.1″
  • Weight: 22 Ounces
  • Size: 4 sizes 
  • One-Year Money-Back Guarantee

Best Selling Points Of Cipton Glow In The Dark Basketball

  • Impact-activated glow: lights up on impact for immersive night play
  • Premium rubber construction: durable and long-lasting
  • Official 29.5-inch circumference: perfect for organized play
  • Consistent bounce: ideal for shooting, dribbling, and passing
  • Versatile use: suitable for indoor and outdoor play

Salient Features of Cipton Glow In The Dark Basketball

Designed for both indoor and outdoor play, this innovative ball offers an engaging and exciting experience for players of all skill levels. From its impact-activated illumination to its high-quality rubber construction, this basketball promises to elevate your game to new heights, even in low-light conditions.

Read on to learn more about what makes the Cipton Glow In The Dark Basketball a top choice for basketball enthusiasts everywhere.

Let’s Unravel Its Size Chart

Cipton Glow In The Dark Basketball is available in following sizes for men, women and teenagers:

DiameterAge Group
29.5 inchesFor Adult Men
28.5 inchesFor Adult Women
27.5 inchesFor Kids And Teenagers

Rubber Material Makes It Comfortable

Why do I prevent my children from leather basketballs to play with? Because! We want to wipe the day’s anxiety in the evening by creating memorable moments with the kids.

Under these circumstances, a leather basketball has more chances to give our kids wounds and joy since kids are less able to handle the ball than us. That’s why I always arrange a rubber basketball game with them.

As I am a strong advocate of rubber basketballs to save our children from injuries, so for me, Cipton light-up basketball is the family’s ball for its soft rubber features and excellent grip. 

Additionally, With the soft rubber ball, the chances of getting your body harmed have been decreased. However, I do not enjoy its outer layer that gives a plastic feel at a touch. Despite that is not the foremost thing to bother me when I glimpse my children’s smiley faces on our outdoor court.

Is It Less Stable Than A Leather Ball?

If you are looking for a durable basketball, I’ll say the Cipton glow-in-the-dark basketball is not your destiny. Why is it not? Let me tell you. Though rubber material has fewer pebbles to compete with rough outdoor floors, accordingly, consistent use on uneven surfaces diminishes its life.

Moreover, the Cipton Glow basketball’s rubber carcass permits the air to leave it. That’s why philosophy does not stay long in it.

I recommend using an AND1 LED Light-Up Basketball to keep the air in your ball. Also, relish its season-friendly features and durability. 

Is It Worth Your Money?

Roundabout $35 is a heavy amount to buy a rubber basketball. Then why should you spend your cash on Cipton Glow? Under my observation, Cipton LED glowing basketball is worth your money when it equally lits up from all the surface. 

Their burning bright lights only seem where they have been placed. And the other surface appears dark. Typical LED basketballs need improvement in this feature. In addition, other basketballs have extra bright lights. While Clapton’s lights are decent and give a pleasant look to your eyes. For that reason, I recommend Cipton glowing basketball to try once.

Reflexive Glowing LED Lights

I found Cipton deflated ball with a user-friendly hand pump. After some time of shipping, I filled the air in it. And Cipton made my day. How?

It seemed like a bright orange basketball in daylight that I gave to my six-year-old daughter. She was too much excited about its lights.

At night, she bounced the ball on the surface and showed me its lights were burning. We noticed that the whole surface was glowing, and the ball was pleasant to our eyes.  Suddenly, she gave me a game sign and started playing. We had a two hours long game.

Later keep the basketball on the floor. Soon, it turned off the lights after 10-15 seconds of inactivity. Cipton LED basketball protects its glow if we need to pay attention to turning it off.

Bonus for All Ages

If I claim this is the first basketball I have found in three sizes from the manufacturer on Amazon. Then I will be correct. Accordingly, you can use its gift ability to please your close ones—especially juniors because they are more excited about glowing basketballs than adults. Why?

As bright things affect their moods and make their mind peaceful. It also stimulates leading skills in their personality by turning their observation into practice. That doesn’t mean adults can’t use it. Being an adult, I enjoyed 2 hours long but fun match with my six-year-old daughter. 

The ball decreases my anxiety and refreshes my soul with its soft feel and eye-relaxing appearance. Have you ever enjoyed a game like this?

Let’s take a closer look at the key pros and cons of the Cipton Glow In The Dark Basketball, helping you better understand its plus points and areas of improvements before making your decision.


  • A gaming ball in the dark.
  • Superb for kids and teenagers.
  • Affordable ball.
  • Soft to the touch.
  • Easy to handle.


  • Less consistent in air holding.
  • Becomes lopsided.

Ready to experience the excitement yourself through this video of Cipton Glow In The Dark Basketball? Hit Play right now:

A Free Tip To Inflate Cipton Glow In The Dark Basketball

At the initial stage of my career, I found it hard to inflate the ball. Then I noticed it was all about my behavior towards the ball. Many years of experience taught me to inflate the basketball when it comes equal to room temperature. Why?

Because a warmer Cipton orb took less time and effort to inflate than the cooler ball. In addition, it becomes wrinkle-free, and we get a nice, smooth ball to play with. This bonus tip will help you to make Cipton basketball your long-time companion.

Discover Other Options: Alternatives to Cipton Glow In The Dark Basketball

Brace yourself now My Friend! As I have rounded up some amazing alternatives to the Cipton Glow in the Dark Basketball that will elevate your nighttime basketball experience!

GlowCity Glow Basketball

Glowcity Glow Basketball

GlowCity glowing basketball is the perfect replacement if you look for more consistent lights inside the ball. I love its off-timing that lasts 40 seconds of inactivity because little kids require more time to refresh themselves during games.

Thus, more than 10-15 seconds are needed to remain in the game. And kids can lose their ball at night.  If you ask me to choose a durable lighting ball, I will prefer GlowCity Glow basketball over Cipton Glow basketball.

Editor’s Choice
HW HOLOWIN Reflective Glowing Basketball

HW Holowin Reflective Glowing Basketball

If you want a leather ball with a rubber bladder to bounce better, then HW Holowin Glow basketball can meet your expectations. Well! Having a lighting head cap or baseboard, Holowin will give you an excellent view at night.

Moreover, it doesn’t have LED lights, so you can use them while shooting with your camera because it reflects from the opposite light. For the sake of $50, it is an excellent replacement that saves you from the hassle of battery replacements and damaged lights.

Final Thoughts

The Cipton Glow-in-the-Dark Basketball is a must for any nighttime basketball enthusiast. Besides offering a level of protection against injuries through it’s glowing power, it gives an exciting upgrade to your games.

Providing a fun-packed functional experience in an affordable price, this basketball is going to be an amazing addition to your nighttime games.

So why wait? Get ready to bring a new level of excitement to your evening with the Cipton Glow-in-the-Dark Basketball!

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