Can Short People Play Basketball? Check These 8 Tips Now!

It is no secret that height can be an advantage in basketball. The taller you are, the easier it is to shoot over defenders and grab rebounds. 

But what about those who are shorter than average? Can they still play basketball and be successful?

The answer is a resounding “yes”! Plenty of shorter players have had victorious careers in the NBA. 

Hence, if you’re short and love playing basketball, don’t let your height stop you from pursuing your dreams. 

The number of ways that can help you to make up for the lack of your height when playing basketball.

You can become a great player regardless of your size with practice and dedication. 

Read on to learn more about why being short can help in basketball?


Best Position For a Short Person To Play Basketball

While height can be an advantage in basketball, it is not required to play the sport. Thus, there are various positions for players of all sizes in basketball. 

The point guard is typically the shortest player on the team. They need to have good ball-handling skills that make them able to witness over taller defenders. 

Though shooting guards are often tall and can shoot from long range. 

However, there have been successful shooting guards who are shorter, such as Allen Iverson and Isaiah Thomas

Similarly, small forwards can shoot and drive, depending on the style of play. 

Some small forwards are good shooters, and others are good at dribbling the basket. More so, power forwards and centers are typically the tallest players on the team. 

Thus, they are responsible for rebounding and protecting the paint. 

On the other hand, with good basketball skills, shorter players can prevent taller from rebounding the ball. 

Benefits Of Being a Short Basketball Player

Shorter players can be quicker and more agile than taller players. 

This can give them an advantage when driving to the basket or playing defense. 

Also, shorter players have a lower center of gravity, making it harder for them to be knocked off balance. 

This can be helpful when going up for rebounds or staying in front of a more significant player on defense. 

While height can be a windfall in basketball, plenty of shorter players have found success in the sport. 

You can overcome any obstacle with practice and dedication, no matter your size!

8 Tips For Short Basketball Player

Being a short basketball player can be a privilege. How? 

You are quick and have better stamina. You need to learn the usage of your height to your edge. 

short players playing basketball

Plus, being a short player also means you have a lower center of gravity, which benefits you from speed and agility. 

Here I mentioned 8 tips for short basketball players that will help you compete against tall opponents. 

1. Focus on Your Strength Training 

The importance of strength in games cannot be neglected. Without enough strength, players will not be able to perform to the best of their abilities. 

To gain more power, players need to have healthy bodies – and for a healthy and robust body, they need to exercise daily. 

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Players with healthy bodies will be more responsive and quicker than their opponents. 

They will also have the ability to shoot and pass more accurately. 

That’s why it is essential for players who are shorter in stature to build a healthy body to reduce any potential weaknesses. 

Games require players to be at the top of their physical condition – by taking care of their bodies, they can give themselves the best chance of success. 

2. Develop The Team-First Mentality 

Being the shortest player on the basketball court doesn’t mean you can’t be the biggest asset to your team. 

You may lack height, but make up for it in how you play. 

With a keen eye for open players and intelligent passes, you can create plays that other taller teammates couldn’t even dream of. 

While shooting and defense are always vital, your team-first mentality sets you apart as a leader on and off the court. 

So keep hustling, stay focused, and don’t let anyone ever tell you that size does matter. 

3. Use Your Agility And Speed Your Moves 

Drive to the basket or weave through defenders with quick moves. 

Being a shorter guy, you definitely want to ensure that your core skills are perfect. 

That means perfecting your dribbling, passing, and shooting skills and ensuring your defensive and rebounding skills are up to par. 

And, of course, going back to basics to make sure your basal basketball skills are solid and rooted in proper technique. 

However, as a shorter player, you have to especially focus on your passing, dribbling, and shooting skills.

With a little extra effort, you can use your height to your edge and become a deadly force on the court. 

Thus, don’t let anyone tell you that size doesn’t matter – it definitely does. 

And with the right attitude and approach, you can be the best player on the court regardless of your height. 

Now go to your basketball court and start working on those elements.

4. Use Your Low Center Of Gravity 

For a Killer Shot. Use your lower center of gravity and strong legs to help you jump higher than taller players. 

It is a well-known fact that many taller and bigger basketball players envy the shooting abilities of their shorter counterparts. 

Because quicker players can take benefit from the deficiency of taller players in precision and accuracy to score away from the basketball hoop.

However, many people don’t realize that shooting is not just about accuracy and precision. It’s also about efficiency. 

Meanwhile, this is where shorter players often have an advantage. Because they are smaller, they use less energy to shoot the ball.

In short, their boosted stamina helps them to shoot more often for long periods.

As a result, their shooting skills make them pros on the basketball court. 

Pro Tip: For a better understanding of short shooters, observe a live basketball game and go through the shooting percentages. And you will be amazed to see shorter basketball players shooting ability.

5. Be Confident In Your Abilities 

If you can’t shoot over defenders, practice your shooting so you can become a threat from long range. 

In case, you are not familiar with your defensive skills and think that your teammates have better skills than you, just throw these inferior thoughts in the bin nearby you– as these are far away from the truth.

In fact, shorter players are often lauded for their speed and skill, which allows them to move with or without the ball at a breakneck pace. 

believe in your abilities

Here is worth mentioning that their more diminutive stature often makes them excellent defenders. 

When you might not be able to block too many shots, your more petite frame assists you when snatching loose balls and stealing the ball from an opponent. 

Therefore, use your size to your skills and play like the powerhouse. 

6. Box Out More Prominent Players To Use Your Height

Use your body and quickness to box out taller players when going for rebounds. 

Even though you may feel like your defensive abilities are not up to par compared to your taller teammates, that does not mean you should give up. 

The fastness and agility of shorter players help them in their movements with and without the ball.

Shorter players are generally faster and more agile, which gives them an advantage when moving with and without the ball.

In addition, briefer players tend to be great defenders because they can quickly steal the ball from an opponent. 

You can still use your height to grab loose balls when you miss many shots to block. Therefore, don’t let your size hold you from being a great defender. 

Utilize your strengths, and you’ll be sure to succeed. Focus On honing your skills no matter your size, always play with your heart and hustle. 

And this will make up for any miracles that taller players may have. 

Free Advice Alert: The best advice for shorter guys is to simply hustle more than their teammates when playing basketball. 

Simply, they can prove themselves, invaluable team members, by rushing more, working harder, and running faster.

Basketball is equally a physical and mental game, and by outworking their opponents, shorter players can significantly impact the court. 

Next time, before you hit the hardwood, remember that hustle makes all the difference.

7. Take Inspiration From Successful Height-Fellows 

Including Spud Webb and Mel Hirsch, the NBA has a wide selection of shorter basketballers. 

By becoming a pro-level basketball player with your short height, you can fill the shoes of those shorter NBA players who proved themselves.

Now the question is from where can you get information?

The answer is to go online and search on YouTube to get familiarity with those basketball players’ life documentaries and Bball playing methods. 

Though it may be tempting to try and model your game after taller players, learning from the experts who have succeeded despite their more diminutive stature can be incredibly beneficial. 

After all, they are much familiar with their shortcomings and methods for overcoming trouble on the court. 

By checking some highlights of the best shorter basketball players, you will feel too motivated to break the legs of your fears.

You might just learn something that can help take your game to the next level. 

8. Be Your Own Point Guard in Basketball 

The point guard is often the most critical player, as any basketball fan knows. Why? 

Because they are responsible for running the offense and setting up their teammates for scoring opportunities. 

Where point guard needs to have good physical skills, their basketball IQ is even more critical. 

A point guard who can read the defense and make smart decisions will give their team a significant privilege. 

If you’re a short player, that doesn’t mean you can’t be an excellent point guard. In fact, your lack of height can actually take you to the 7th sky of basketball skills. 

All you need to be quick and crafty to get around taller defenders, but if you can harness your speed and intelligence, you’ll be a nightmare for opposing teams. 

Hence, if you’re looking to improve your game, focus on developing your basketball IQ. 

With a sharp mind, you can overcome any obstacle on the court. Read Your Opponents’ Mind Basketball is indeed a physical game. 

Despite this, it is a mental game. How?

You need to have a sharp mind and be physically strong to be a perfect player. 

Being a shorter player, you should more focus on your mental strength along with the physical.

In this regard, you can take a deep notice of the opponent team’s strengths and flaws.

Later, you will find it easy to prepare yourself for the upcoming tournament by working on their weak points.

If you do all of this, you will be able to compete with the taller players and come out victorious. 

Next time you step on the court, remember to use your head and body. 

In A Nutshell 

Basketball is equally a mental and physical game. 

That’s why your short height will not be a barrier to your success if you have a mature and sharp mind inside your head. 

Along with it, you also need to learn more from typical basketball teammates to develop your passing, rebounding, dribbling, and even shooting skills. 

Once you learn the core basketball skills, no one can prevent you from being the leader of your team (TBH, neither your size nor opponents). 

Well! Do you have any tips that I didn’t mention? Share them in the comments below. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. Which benefits can I get as a short basketball player? 

While shorter players may have to work harder to get noticed, several advantages come with being a more temporary basketball player. 

Shorter players are often quicker and more agile than their taller counterparts, making them excellent at driving to the basket and getting around defenders. 

In addition, shorter players often have a better understanding of the game and can make smarter decisions on the court.

2. How can I improve my game if I am a short basketball player?

These are proven things to help short basketball players to improve their game. 

  • First, focus on developing your speed and agility. 
  • Second, work on your shooting range. 
  • Third, study the game and learn as much about your opponents. 
  • Finally, be confident in your abilities and never give up. You will be a great basketball player if you do all of these things. 

3. Who are some successful short NBA players? 

Some of the most successful short NBA players include Muggsy Bogues, Allen Iverson, and Earl Boykins. These players work hard to overcome their lack of height and gain an honorable place in the basketball game world.

They proved that even though you may be short, you can still achieve great things on the court. 

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