AND1 LED Light Up Basketball Review

AND1 LED Light Up Basketball Review

Imagine! It’s your weekend with your family, and you have no interest in coming up again on your PS5 or Netflix screens. So, it’s high time to say to your boy, “Hey, champ, let me see you on the basketball court.”

But what if it’s night or dull light due to the weather? 

Ding ding! AND1 LED light-up basketball is undoubtedly a fantastic solution for playing at night.


Its luminous glow brightens your dark court on nights. And again, Since the ball is made with synthetic material and is your long-time companion. It not only refreshes your soul but connects you with your children too.

Let’s dive into how this basketball will enlighten your boring weekend.

AND 1 Basketball
  • Color: Orange
  • Material: Rubber
  • Age Recommendation: Unisex for all ages
  • Diameter: 29.5 Inches
  • Size: standard size 7
  • Accessories: Air Pump 

Best Selling Points Of AND1 LED Light-Up Basketball

  • Good night companion of all surfaces
  • More durable than rubber (NightMatch and GlowCity LED light-up) balls
  • Best endowment to empower your relationship with your kids
  • Water-resistant to absorb your hand moisture and even flawless in rainy weather
  • A ball of features at an affordable price
  • Easy to handle even from children

How AND1 LED Light-Up Basketball Changed My Sentiment?

After consistent use for four weeks, I experienced that the AND1 ball increased my joyful moments with my family. No matter whether the court is indoors or out. But! How will it help you to enjoy your time? Let’s take a better view with my testing!

More Stable Than a Rubber Ball

Many of us prefer rubber balls because of their low cost. However, you have to shake hands with less durability factor. For that purpose, consider a faux leather ball to enjoy its durability more than rubber balls like NightMatch LED and GlowCity LED light-up basketballs.

For four weeks, this basketball didn’t feel cheap on my hands and gave proper response without any wear and tear.

Moreover, AND1’s composite material makes it water-resistant to stay long with you. That was a convincing point for me to recommend this ball to anyone.

I have also experienced that it feels smoother than NightMatch LED rubber basketball on rough surfaces and serves you as a faithful companion till months of use.  

At the same time, it feels manageable on smooth indoor surfaces because of its formal weight and nice bounce. Now, you can consider it as the ball of all characters. Exciting, right?

Synthetic Material Makes It Comfortable

One year back, while playing with my kids, I preferred rubber balls over the leather to save them from injuries. But! AND1 proved me wrong. How? 

AND1 has been built upon synthetic material. That makes it comfortable to use. The ball feels like a standard ball in my hands. Not only me but also kids handle it easily. They enjoy gripping the ball in their hands and dribbling its lightweight comfortably.

However, there is some twist here. The ball sometimes loses its balance because of the six batteries inside it (BTW, to be honest, six batteries coming is an excellent value for money). So my thoughts are it will give me some difficult time while shooting. 

But then, I have a viable alternative in the form of GlowCity glow-in-the-dark basketball which is easier to maintain its balance while shooting and comes with a minimal or no price difference.

Overall, AND1 is a lovely ball for other features to make your game fun.

Indoor Capability With Outdoor Skills

I am a big fan of Wilson Basketballs because of their environment-friendly features. However, AND1 proved itself a better replacement for its capability for rough outdoors in an affordable manner.

Although outdoor courts have harsh surfaces that tear the typical basketballs, AND1’s faux leather is quite flexible to rub with complex characters without losing its essence.

At the same time, in my six months of drills, I experienced its standard weight helps to bounce it well on smooth surfaces and controls to go it unusually high. So you can make it your enjoyment fellow on almost every surface.

Now, I am habitual in making it my fun tool in wooden indoor courts and harsh outdoors. Nonetheless, I avoid using it in driveways because I don’t find it friendly with driveway surfaces.

Accessible Glowing LED Lights

My naughty kids spoil five light-up basketballs by repeatedly pressing their buttons. Then I found the best solution in AND1 LED light-up basketball in the form of automatic glowing lights.

Similarly, if you are a victim of damaged light switches in basketballs, you must give it a try to AND1. Its light automatically glows on one bounce. And remain on until you stop playing with the ball.

The manufacturer claims the LED unit can work 30,000 hours for everyday use. Factually, these are huge numbers. However, whether these are true or tall claims, only time will tell as I have only used it for four weekends. How will things go in this regard? I’ll post it here. 

But before! At this time, I am more excited to share my initial experience with lights. During my first game, I noticed the lights were inconsistent and unable to glow after three minutes. Are you feeling anxious to know this matter? No worries! That was the only problem with my product.

I returned it and received a better AND1 ball with lovely glowing lights. So be careful with your ball while playing. If it refuses to glow up, replace your battery or return it to the manufacturer for a better replacement.

Bonus For All Ages

There is nothing better gift than a glowing basketball for basketball lovers. And the worth increases when you find a ball that is the counterpart of all age groups. No matter if the second person is your 26-year-old son or 14 years old granddaughter.

AND1 composite light-up basketball can decrease the space of your relationships. After using it for two weeks, I purchased two basketballs for gifting.

And my decision didn’t make me regret it. Both kids love AND1 LED glowing basketball as it increases their fun time by one hour with its brightness, softness, grippy features, and durability.

Let’s look at the big picture now to see the pros and cons of AND1 LED Light-Up Basketball.


  • Durable synthetic material.
  • Softer than pure leather balls.
  • Water-resistant to absorb your hand moisture.
  • Air pump is included as an accessory
  • Automatic glow of the lights with one bounce.


  • Sometimes, lights are inconsistent.
  • A little bit off balance while shooting.

What Makes It a Better Version of Itself?

In September 2020, AND1 launched Fantom basketball for in and outdoor. Remember,  Fantom basketball has five colors to satisfy your erratic nature about basketballs. But Fantom is made with rubber that feels rougher while touched. Also is a need for LED lights.

Unfortunately, it is unable to join you at night. And this made AND1 more conscious about a night game of basketball. Later in December 2021, AND1 launched LED light-up leather basketball to give basketball enthusiasts a smooth and comfortable touch on evening courts.

Moreover, the AND1 LED light-up basketball holds the air in it while its sibling AND1 Fantom basketball can’t befriend the air, and the air leaves it after a few minutes. Further, Fantom basketball starts to become lopsided after consistent playing. However, AND1 LED light-up is superior to its sister by maintaining its shape.

Check out the following YouTube video to see the visuals:

AND1 LED Light-up Basketball Alternatives

Are you still unsure if the AND1 LED Light-up Basketball is the right fit for you? Stay calm and have a look at these alternative light-up basketballs that cater to different preferences, budgets, and playing styles. Let’s explore their unique features and benefits, helping you find the ideal nighttime companion for your basketball adventures.

GlowCity Glow Basketball

Glowcity Glow Basketball

When we look for an LED rubber ball to replace batteries, GlowCity glow basketball is the perfect replacement for the AND1 basketball.

But why? GlowCity LED light-up basketball has consistent lights with 40 seconds of margin. Margin means if you are not using the ball, it will turn off automatically after 40 seconds of inactivity.

It is a plus point of GlowCity that makes it superior to AND1 LED basketball. However, GlowCity can’t stay as long as AND1 and wears out afterward.

Editor’s Choice
HoloGear Holographic Patented Glowing Reflective Basketball

HoloGear Holographic Patented Glowing Reflective Basketball

If you are looking for a reflective basketball for shooting, HoloGear glowing basketball will be your priority. Why am I claiming that? Let me tell you.

HoloGear is not a glowing basketball like AND1, but it is a reflective basketball that lights up in the dark. That means it swipes your hassle of placing and replacing batteries.

Yet, I don’t use it personally, but my friend shared her experience and told me; that it is the best ball ever to shoot a photo or video at night. It is also made with leather, which enhances its durability.

However, it is more costly than AND1 basketball and incompatible with outdoor courts due to its slippery features.

In a Nutshell

The AND1 LED light-up basketball makes an excellent gift choice, offering a great grip and beautiful glow for playing on outdoor courts in the dark. As someone who values savings and prefers budget-friendly products, the AND1 basketball stands out with its appealing features, while also providing a cost-saving advantage of $15 compared to Wilson’s luminous basketball option.

Enthusiasts Love This Basketball!

The concept of a light-up basketball is fantastic, and this one illuminates impressively. However, the recharging process might be unclear once it no longer lights up. Nonetheless, the ball works exceptionally well, with the bright light activating upon motion. It’s a hit with the kids, and now playing in the dark has become an exciting option!

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