ALKOMI Glow In The Dark Basketball Review

ALKOMI Glow In The Dark Basketball Review

Do you enjoy playing with a light-up basketball, but its low battery timing makes you uncomfortable?

And the long basketball journey with LED basketballs made you tired?

Sometimes, the batteries stay longer than 8 hours, while others switch off after three minutes of activity. Under the umbrella of battery replacing basketballs, you are worried and want a better solution for your night times. Ding Ding! Forget your fury; wipe your worries with the broom of solar-charged basketball.

Yeah! Today, I will give you a permanent solution of orange-lighted inconsistent batteries with an ALKOMI glow-in-the-dark basketball review. The more you charge with the sun, the more it glows at night. Are you ready to jump from the typical glowing balls to an excellent LED orb?

Let’s move!

alkomi glow in the dark ball
  • Brand: ALKOMI
  • Material: Leather
  • Color: Light Green
  • Age Range: Unisex, recommended for ages over 3 years old
  • Item Diameter: 29 Inches

Best Selling Points of ALKOMI Glow in the Dark Basketball

  • Ideal for youth players with a comfortable grip for improved ball control.
  • Enhance nighttime visibility for continuous and enjoyable play.
  • Durable design withstands various playing conditions.
  • Hassle-free maintenance with convenient battery access.
  • A unique and exciting gift for young basketball enthusiasts.

Core Features of ALKOMI Glow In The Dark Basketball

I can’t wait to share the fantastic features of the ALKOMI Glow Basketball with you! This game-changing innovation has completely transformed the way we play and enjoy basketball. Perfect for players of all ages, the fun doesn’t stop even when the sun sets. I promise you’ll be thrilled by its captivating glow and extraordinary features. 

Keep reading, and I’ll show you why this basketball is a must-have for your sports collection; bound to leave you and your friends amazed!

The Firm Leather Grip Makes It Durable

Once, I think deeply when I read the price on Amazon. Is the ball worth $40? In an instant, I made a deal with Amazon. Nonetheless, Even for a few minutes, the ball doesn’t make me regret it. How?

Its synthetic material is durable and worth your money because the ball doesn’t have a scratch after ten weeks of constant usage. Moreover, I feel a powerful grip on the ball, which improves my ball-handling skills.

Pro Tip: Spread your fingers over the ball and roll your palm as much as possible. It increases your control over the ball and saves it from defenders.

Cost-Friendly On Batteries And Camera

How much Leena (My friend) was worried about her children’s attitude toward reflective and battery light-up balls. Let’s know Leena’s words:

“I replaced more than 12 balls within the last nine months because of my children’s mischievous nature. My basketball expenses were more than my kids’ stationery. And their behavior expanded my concerns when they damaged the batteries of LED balls. 

Even tear reflective basketballs due to camera shortage. Then I nailed to give the last trial to ALKOMI’s light-up. And it decreases my expenses with natural charging features.

Also, my children love it, which diverts their attention from harming the ball to charging it. How sweet!”

Like Leena, you can also save money on camera and battery expenses. BTW the sun never charges for its sunlight. Moreover, ALKOMI rubs off-camera flash and basketball batteries from your life.

Pro Tip: All you need to do is; keep the ball under proper sunlight as long as possible. The more it charges, the more it helps you on your dark basketball court.

A Unique Gift For All Ages

My son experienced ALKOMI as a better ball than GLowCity Glow, NightMatch, and KWOOD Light-Ups. He planned to give it to his father, who always prefers basketballs as a gift. We ordered the ball again for his dad, and he was amazed to see its unique bright features. He cut the rug like children and started a game with us.

Further, ALKOMI’s solar light-up ball advances our game with non-stop brightness. And adds value to our presents without batteries. This feature reserves the right to suggest the ball to everyone. Agree?

Superb In Handling Out And Indoor Floors

Due to their pebble, leather basketballs are more compatible with rough outdoor floors. The same goes for ALKOMI basketball. But it is equally compatible indoors and outs. 

Additionally, it has the standard weight of a regular basketball and helps me enhance my shooting and dribbling even at night.

Offer Effortless Accessories

The ball removes the replaceable batteries from your life. It only needs an air pump to air the ball. The manufacturer claims to add an air pump to the package. However, some packages still need their pump. It might be a shipping issue. Aside from this, I experienced a good ball with great features.

Want to have a bird’s eye view of the pros and cons of ALKOMI Glow in the Dark Basketball? Let’s dive into it!


  • Finishes your trouble with battery replacement
  • Offer unique green lights
  • Durable leather material.
  • Charges via sunlight, even a light bulb
  • A bonus for unisex for more than three years


  • A minor feeble in holding air

How Does ALKOMI Glow In The Dark Basketball Stands Apart From The Crowd?

After using KWOOD Light-Up Basketball for two years, I was not trusting any brand to brighten my dark court. Suddenly, my friend told me about ALKOMI glow basketball, and I decided to bring it to my experience. And MY FRIENDS, I don’t regret my decision for the sake of $40

WHY? Let me share it with you.

I used to quit my game primarily due to an unstable battery. I ended up with the game at its climax. That saddens me, but ALKOMI glow-in-the-dark basketball gives me an excellent solution through its solar charging features.

Also, it saves me from the struggle of placing and replacing the batteries. Now, I keep the ball in the sunlight during the daytime and enjoy its ultimate brightness at night. It repays my passion for the best basketball. It’s time to jump onto its core features.

Alternatives of ALKOMI Glow In The Dark Basketball

Still confused about making the right decision for choosing the best basketball for your nighttime games? No worries! To make your decision easier, let me present some options that offer the best alternatives.

Top Product
KWOOD Engraved Light Up Ball

KWOOD Engraved Light Up Basketball

I experienced KWOOD basketball in my evening games. And I discovered it; a motivated leather basketball with bright LED lights. 

If you want a soulful basketball to feel your grandparents’ love, KWOOD is shelving for you. It gives you the same features as ALKOMI.

However, you have to shake your hands with battery replacement and struggle with KWOOD. In comparison, ALKOMI saves you time with the solar charging feature.

Editor’s Choice
HW HOLOWIN Reflective Glowing Basketball

HW Holowin Reflective Glowing Basketball

If you have an HD camera with a bright flash, go with the Hw Holowin reflective basketball to enjoy 3D lights.

Holowin reflects when your camera flash touches it. You will encounter the original glow-in basketball that concludes the need for batteries inside it.

However, It lacks lights in it and glows with the opposite light. You may find it OK with a glowing cap or gloves in your dark courts.

Despite it, Holowin glowing basketball is a suitable replacement for $50 to capture images and videos with your basketball at night.

Let’s Wrap Up The Things In a Nutshell

If you’re experiencing battery issues with your LED basketball and looking for a reliable alternative, consider purchasing an ALKOMI basketball. This ball is designed to be charged by sunlight, so you won’t have to worry about buying replacement batteries or a DSLR camera to capture your basketball moves.

In addition to saving you money, the ALKOMI basketball also has a standard size that makes it easier to handle and perform your basketball tricks. Its environmentally friendly features are a bonus, giving you peace of mind that you’re doing your part to protect the planet.

Overall, the ALKOMI basketball is an excellent investment for anyone who loves basketball and wants a reliable, affordable, and eco-friendly ball. 

So why not give it a try and improve your basketball game today?

Loved By Most Of The Enthusiasts!

  • Feedback:
This glowing ball serves as a versatile and appealing gift for children and adults alike. With a wide age range of enjoyment, this unique and highly recommended present also includes a convenient pump. Although its glow-in-the-dark feature requires exposure to sunlight or household light to activate it, this captivating gift is sure to excite and impress recipients of all ages.

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