AKA Weighted Leather Basketball Review 2023

I used hundreds of basketballs in my ten-year career as a basketball coach. But AKA weighted leather basketball changed my opinion about the hardness of leather basketballs. But guys, why am I claiming it? Let me share it with you!

Desired training basketball works like a training tool and boosts your passion for touching the skies. Similarly, AKA weighted basketball is a mimic shape and texture of a basketball. It is a ball of leather with a rubber feel. 

AKA prepared the 3.3 lbs. basketball to give a feeling of satisfaction to basketball enthusiasts. It makes your arms, muscles, and abs firm. It also constructs basketball skills more efficiently to change the whole game. Come on! Let’s dive into the sea of its benefits. 


AKA Weighted Leather Basketball
  • Color: Black
  • Material: Leather
  • Age Recommendation: Kids
  • Weight: 3.3 Pounds
  • Diameter: 29.5 Inches
  • Package Dimensions (L x H x W): 10.1 x 0.8 x 10.1

Best Selling Points Of AKA Weighted Leather Basketball

  • High-quality material for enhanced durability and grip
  • Improves strength, control, and muscle memory
  • Adaptable to various playing environments
  • Helps improve shot mechanics and follow-through
  • See faster improvements in passing, dribbling, and rebounding
  • Customizable to player needs and preferences

Feature’s of AKA Weighted Leather Basketball

Curious about the specs of this innovative weighted basketball? Let me unfold the truly amazing specifications of this unique weighted basketball, made from premium leather for durability and optimal performance. Perfect for enthusiasts of all skill levels, the AKA Weighted Leather Basketball offers a transformative training experience to enhance your skills on the court.

Composite Leather Cover Empowers Your Grip

The outer layer of composite leather gives your hands a firm grip on the ball. Its water-resistant feature plays an essential part in the training of sweaty players. And resist their sweat and make their ball handling more strong. Thus, you can enjoy shooting, passing, and ball handling with sweaty hands. 

In addition, it can be your long-term companion in rainy weather so that you can continue your drills in severe weather conditions.

Suggestion:  MY CHUMS, You must remember that keeping a cloth to wipe your hands is necessary. It will increase your interest in-game. Also, boost your self-confidence and takes you towards basketball authority.

Hefty Ball For Better Dribbling

Under the umbrella of weighted basketball brands, AKA took a step further to provide heavier than a standard; but lightweight than the giants of basketballs. It is a quality tool to improve your dribbling skills in a few days. You will learn better ball handling, shooting, passing, and rebounding to lead your basketball team if you have been a Spalding, Wilson, or Baden fan for many years. Then this ball will prove a better replacement because of its heavy structure. 

Durable To Handle Work Load

Many of us are great fans of durable materials. Regarding a leather ball, its cost makes us realize that its durability will be worth our money. SO GUYS, No worries with the AKA weighted leather basketball. I am super confident about its durability, which reserves your money. The leather composite material and the nylon wind layer have offered durability over the years so that you can swab your worries about ball replacement regularly and show your love for the same ball for long months.

Adds Value To Your Drills

How did you feel knowing that your training tool added value to your drills? 

Of Course, you would love it. OKAY! Let me reveal that the ball has different sizes for regular and weighted balls so that you may maintain a balance in your ball handling and shooting range. Also, you can use it indoors and out to qualify for competitive matches.

Firm Grip Improves Your Ball Handling

The faux leather cover makes your grip strength on the ball. Besides, premier rubber makes your bouncing reliable, even for a weighted basketball. It improves your ball-handling skills and shooting range. The ball strengthens your muscles, arms, and abs, and that regular basketball feels like a feather in your hands.

Money-Back Guarantee

MONEY BACK GUARANTEE enhances the trustworthiness of the brand. By and by, AKA offers its customers a 30-day money-back guarantee in case of any objection. 

Suggestion: Sometimes, we buy a ball and avoid using it by putting it aside. This act reduces the credibility of basketball. I suggest you regularly use your ball for a minimum of 30 days to notice its deficiency and record your complaint against inconvenience. 

Some Secrets About AKA Weighted Leather Basketball

Once you inflate, it becomes lopsided. However, after some dribbling, it comes in its natural shape.

Recommendations: Because of its leather material and lump shape, you have to pump it more than a standard basketball. 

Let’s have a look at the pros and cons now:


  • A ball of dreams with leather composite and rubber touch.
  • 30 days money-back guarantee.
  • A weighted ball improves your muscle memory.
  • Different sizes allow you to switch from regular to heavy ball.
  • Better bouncing and ball handling.


  • On inflation, the ball becomes lopsided until you dribble it.
  • An inconsistent ball has air valves.

What Makes it Better Than its Competitors?

If you are a great fan of Baden or comfortable with Spalding, then the ball is a better replacement because of its leather composition with wind nylon and soft rubber. 

Among leather balls, it gives you softness like a rubber ball. And its soft feel stands it apart from the crowd.

Why Replace it With Other Brands?

Exploring alternatives to the AKA Weighted Leather Basketball can be an exciting way to expand your horizons and elevate your game. A variety of other brands offer innovative features, materials, and designs. Embrace the challenge and embark on a journey of experimentation and growth, confident that the right basketball will enhance your performance and strengthen your connection to the game. Let’s have a look on some of the best alternatives.

HoopsKing basketball.

Hoopsking Weighted Basketball

Don’t let a hefty price tag hold you back from achieving basketball greatness. With the Hoopsking Weighted Basketball, you can enjoy a premium training experience at a fraction of the cost. Embrace the challenge and watch your skills reach new heights, all while staying within your budget.

Editor’s Choice

Wilson Evolution Game Basketball

Feel the excitement and connection to the sport you love as you practice with the same ball trusted by NBA professionals. The Wilson Evolution Leather Basketball’s premium construction ensures outstanding grip, control, and durability, making it a vital tool for honing your skills and dominating the game.

Editor’s Choice
Baden Elite basketball

Baden Elite Basketball

Connect with the game you love as you enjoy the enhanced grip and control offered by the Baden Elite Basketball’s synthetic leather material. Its extreme durability ensures that you can focus on perfecting your skills without worrying about wear and tear, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the sport.

Let’s Wrap Up Our Story In a Nutshell

I know you are a Baden user, or Spalding basketball is your friend. But must give a try to AKA weighted basketball. Having regular training with AKA weighted leather basketball improves your dribbling, passing, and shooting range with a regular basketball. Also, prepare you like the game-changer by giving your muscles extra strength and reviving your brain.

Happy Users All Around The World

This high-quality basketball is an excellent tool for building strength, enhancing passing abilities, and improving ball handling and shooting skills. Although the ball may initially appear lopsided upon inflation, it assumes its normal shape as you continue to dribble it. Overall, this basketball offers a fantastic opportunity to elevate your game and comes highly recommended.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are basketballs made of leather?

It is optional to make basketballs with leather. Sometimes, players prefer rubber balls to save themselves from injuries. Moreover, rubber makes their grip strong on the ball. In comparison, leather balls are heavy balls to use in training. So that players can improve their shooting, passing, bouncing, and rebounding.

Which material do NBA basketballs comprise?

Leather is the primary material used in NBA balls. Horween leather company in Chicago is responsible for manufacturing the official basketballs. According to recent stats, Horween completes 3k weekly shipments being the oldest leather manufacturing company. NBA had a commitment with Spalding in the past. Then the partnership ended, and NBA moved towards Wilson basketballs.

Is composite leather basketball good?

Composite leather provides support to play indoors and outdoors as well. In addition, composite manufacturing costs less, so basketballs are affordable to buy. In contrast, composite material only stays as long as leather, making the balls less credible.

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